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The MIT SMR site is open to all visitors today through March 26.

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Times are tough. The economy looks precarious. Leaders are scrambling.

We’d like to give you a hand in whatever small way we can. These past few weeks, we’ve been offering our best research and ideas on leading in a crisis, dealing with disruption, and working in virtual teams. This week, we’re making all of that content, plus the rest of our articles, reports, videos, and interactive tools, freely available through Thursday, March 26.

Like you, we are attempting to quickly adjust to new realities and new constraints on how we work, travel, and collaborate. While that may leave less time for reading and reflection, we believe that many of our expert authors’ contributions may be particularly helpful, both now and as you plan for the future.

To get you started on your browsing, we’re offering some recommendations that are relevant to the current crisis and other leadership challenges of the moment. I hope the selections below are helpful to you. We’d love your feedback.

Crisis Management

Leading Virtual Teams

Disruptive Innovation (From Our Spring 2020 Spotlight)

Risk and Resilience


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