How Intelligent Is Your AI?

  • Michael Wade, Amit Joshi, Mark J. Greeven, Robert Hooijberg, and Shlomo Ben-Hur
  • June 22, 2020

Ask these four questions to tell if your AI solution is really AI.

In a world where buzzwords come and go, artificial intelligence has been remarkably durable. Since it first emerged as a concept in the 1950s, there has been a relatively constant flow of technologies, products, services, and companies that purport to be AI. It is quite likely that a solution you are investing in today is being referred to as AI-enabled or machine-learning-driven.

But, is it really?

The reality today for most organizations is that AI and machine learning form a rather small piece of the overall analytics pie. Indeed, research conducted by London-based investment firm MMC Ventures revealed that 40% of Europe’s artificial intelligence startups did not use any AI at all. Furthermore, the offerings of many startups and analytics providers, even if quite advanced, fall short of even basic AI.