Featured this month in the Social Business Innovation Hub.

Featured this month in the Social Business Innovation Hub:

McAfee Q&A: What Sells CEOs on Social Networking

Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for Digital BusinessIn 2006, MIT Sloan's Andrew McAfee coined the term "Enterprise 2.0" as a shorthand for what collaboration and sharing tools such as blogging and wikis (and, today, Twitter) would mean for enterprises. Now, in a new interview with MIT Sloan Management Review, McAfee looks back at the past six years and reveals what he's learned about the triggers that generate CEO interest in social networking, what he misread and why the idea of controlling information flows is becoming obsolete. Read more »

MORE ON "ENTERPRISE 2.0": Read McAfee's seminal 2006 article "Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration," in the MIT SMR archives.

Social software and employee development

A preliminary look at the responses to our social business survey gives some insight into how important social software is to an organization's activities in a number of internally oriented areas — and there are some interesting differences across respondents' roles within their organizations. Read more »

Personal approach not always best in viral marketing

Recommendations from friends are effective at creating viral campaigns. But research by Sinan Aral and Dylan Walker shows that automated messages are surprisingly effective, too. Read more »

The big, insidious business of social network fakes

Hiring people to create fake online profiles and post comments on web sites is a booming business in China. This custom-written spam "poses a concrete threat to online communities," say researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara. Read more »

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Comment "Here's a power tip: Headline-driven sites like Digg or Cracked live and die on the power of the virability of their titles. As a result, by using the structure of those titles as your Tweets or even Facebook updates, you can actually boost your retweetability by a huge margin.

Try it and let me know."

Jason Brown commenting on "Six Ways to Tweet Smarter" | February 3, 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe Any human-centered process is inherently Social, only the introduction of systems make work anti-social: bit.ly/ygdlcr #BPM #socbiz

@dhinchcliffe | February 2, 2012

Bob Pulver The Coming War for the Social Workplace bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/12/19/the... #socbiz

@pulvereyes | February 1, 2012

Comment "...But what is the most important enabler for building good networks in an organization?

Although there may be many different enablers for building good networks for collaboration within organization, I suggest the 'emotion regulation' skill must be one...."

jeonghwanchoi commenting on "Building a Well-Networked Organization" | January 14, 2012