Webcast: Insights From the Data Deluge

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Are organizations generating more answers from analytics than they can act on? Join MIT Sloan Management Review‘s Michael S. Hopkins in a virtual panel discussion of this question and the findings of the special report, “Analytics: The New Path to Value.”

Analytics: The New Path to Value.

Analytics: The New Path to Value.

UPDATE: On January 20, 2011 Michael S. Hopkins and Rebecca Shockley, Business Analytics and Optimization Global Lead with the IBM Institute for Business Value gave an updated presentation. Register to watch that presenetation at the IBM Virtual Events Center.

This video recording is no longer available.


  • Steve LaValle, global strategy leader for IBM’s Business Analytics and Optimization service line.
  • Michael Hopkins, MIT Sloan Management Review‘s editor-in-chief
  • Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business and the Schussel Family Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Stephen Baker, author of The Numerati


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Comments (6)
Joseph A. Yacura
The article "Big Data, Analytics and the Path From Insights to Value" is excellent and extremely relevant in todays business challenges throughout the world. To topic was very well framed and the data presented provides great insight into the issues and challenges of creating value from increasing amounts of data.

Joe Yacura
CEO Supply Chain Management, LLC
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[...] analytics survey – MIT (and IBM) did a survey of over 3000 business people on how they are using analytics. Key takeaway – Top performing [...]
@Pierre, 96 viewers is not much, but rather relevant perhaps (more than we think). Thinking ahead and talking about topics that just trickle into daily life is like telling the "frog" that the heat is on (increasing until he can't jump out of the basket).

The question arises on how to find the leverage points, boundary spanners, tellers, to make the development come into mainstream?
Pierre Bernardo
Only 96 viewers for such a great topic?
Sean, Hi and thanks a lot making it available.

Looking forward to the webcast.

Cheers, Ralf
Marly M. C. Hazen
Great topic, can't wait! -- Marly @SCScholars