Interactive Tool Explores How Companies Generate Value With Social Business

The MIT SMR/Deloitte Social Business Interactive Tool explores data from the 2014 Social Business Global Study.

The third annual Social Business Global Executive Study and Research Project, conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, reveals three drivers of social business maturity — and a strong connection between social business maturity and social’s value to the enterprise. An analysis of the findings was published in the Summer 2014 research report, "Moving Beyond Marketing."

This Fall, MIT SMR and Deloitte launched a new 2014 Social Business Interactive Tool to encourage our visitors to interact with the survey data. These interactive charts explore how survey respondents say their companies are using social business to transform their organizations and reap greater gains from their social business efforts. Users can explore and customize each interactive chart by filtering and isolating the data on the fly — and creating customized visualizations to share.

Features of the 2014 Social Business Interactive Tool include:

  • The ability to visualize the data by industry, region, country and job function, and options to drill down even further by maturity group, job role, organization size and business type.
  • Filters to isolate information about a particular industry, region and/or B2B/B2C organization type.
  • Access to underlying data that can be downloaded for viewing in Microsoft Excel and other applications.
  • Export options for your customized visualization so you can share a customized view of the data as an image (png) or a PDF file.

Explore the interactive tool to see how your company measures up.