The Financial Crisis Fallout Explained — on Video

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Friday we offered selected pearls from a great conversation between banking honcho Larry Fish and MIT Sloan economist (and leading financial crisis commentator) Simon Johnson.

Now we can share full sound and video.

As noted Friday, there’s provocative matter here about what needs changing in the banking system — and what changes are likely to happen instead — as well as explorations of what caused the financial crisis and why some countries escaped its worst consequences.

But for a dive into the ethics questions we mentioned, jump to 45:20. There, Fish reads the ethics oath that some Harvard Business School students wrote and more signed, with wide publicity, this past spring. Fish’s observation? “I found it fascinating that half of the people didn’t sign it! There was a big thing about how many did.


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Jimmy Guterman
Michael, is an oath a good idea? Some people think it's just a PR move. But could it change behavior the way people want it to?