New: Interactive Exploration of Top Trends in Sustainability and Profitability

MIT SMR’s new Sustainability Study Interactive Exploration tool lets users explores the major trends in sustainability commitment and profitability with interactive charts. Users also can create customized views of the data that can be saved and shared.

The Sustainability Study Interactive Exploration explores the major trends in sustainability commitment and profitability

A few months ago, when we released our report of the 2011 Sustainability & Innovation Global Executive Study and Research Project, we knew we wanted to make the findings as useful to our audience as possible.

To that end, we’re delighted to present Sustainability Study: Interactive Exploration:

  • The new feature presents interactive charts about the major trends in sustainability commitment and profitability.
  • Dropdown menus allow users to isolate information about a specific industry.
  • Interactive legends focus the information by company size or spending.
  • Industry-specific data can be compared to average value over all industries and regions.
  • Once data has been filtered by a particular industry, it can be re-sorted on the x-axis.
  • The raw data can be downloaded as comma-separated values (CSV) for viewing in Microsoft Excel and other applications.
  • Customized views of the data can be saved and shared as an image (png) or a PDF file, or a customized subset of the data as a CSV or text file.

The data visualizations help illustrate what types of companies have developed a proven value proposition for addressing sustainability. They also give a closer look at the companies which make up the 31% percent of respondents who are what we call "Harvesters" — companies that have figured out how to profit from sustainability activities.

Click here to explore the interactive tool.

About the data: For the third year, MIT Sloan Management Review, in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, conducted a global survey, to which more than 4,000 executives and managers responded. The analysis in these visualizations is based on a smaller subsample of 2,874 respondents from commercial enterprises, with respondents from academic, governmental and nonprofit organizations excluded. The respondents’ organizations are located around the world; more than 40% do business in at least three regions, led by Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand. A wide variety of industries are represented. The sample was drawn from a number of sources, including MIT alumni, MIT Sloan Management Review subscribers, BCG clients and other interested parties.

The research report based on the findings of this study, "Sustainability Nears A Tipping Point," is available to read online or for download.

Also available is the complete survey (PDF), with all questions and responses.

Click here to explore the interactive tool.