An animated infographic illustrates the key stats from MIT SMR’s 2015 data and analytics report.

MIT Sloan Management Review’s content collaborator, SAS, and its partner site,, have created a terrific, interactive infographic featuring the highlights from our 2015 data and analytics research report, The Talent Dividend.

The animated infographic illustrates several key stats from the report, among them:

  • Four in 10 survey respondents (40%) report difficulty attracting people with analytical skills, and an equal percentage struggle to retain them.
  • An increase in access to useful data since the previous year was reported by 77% of respondents.
  • Of respondents who say they have appropriate analytics talent, 81% believe that business analytics creates a competitive advantage in their organization, vs. just 49% of respondents who lack appropriate analytics talent.
  • Of those respondents that we categorized as “analytical innovators,” 65% give hiring preference towards those with analytics skills, vs. just 13% of those we defined as “analytically challenged.”

Read and interact with the infographic for more findings.