The Top MIT SMR Articles of 2018

This year’s most popular articles contend with how new technology is transforming, and disrupting, the way we manage, organize, and work.

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To quote Jeanne Ross, whose article on architecting for agility is featured below, “…it’s not just the number of organizational elements that makes digital strategy execution difficult. Speed matters.” The new digital economy is developing at a rapid pace, and new technology is transforming — and disrupting — the way we manage, organize, and work.

Our readers are at the forefront of changes happening in different industries across the globe — and their reading taste reflects that. The most popular articles from MIT Sloan Management Review this year showcase a focus on preparing for the future of work, leveraging new technology in business, and setting strategic goals and priorities that will empower teams and increase performance.

1. The Truth About Corporate Transformation

Analysis reveals that conventional wisdom about big, risky change initiatives is often wrong. In this article, the authors provide a number of factors that can help large companies beat the odds.

2. With Goals, FAST Beats SMART

There’s a good chance that the conventional approach to goal setting is actually undermining your company’s ability to execute on strategy. To correct course, managers should embrace FAST goals.

3. The Challenge of Scaling Soft Skills

While very deft with analysis and decision-making, machines continue to struggle with “soft skills” (think: empathy, context sensing, and creative thinking). In the future of work, everyone will need to be better versed in these areas as they become more valuable.

4. The End of Scale

New, technology-driven business models are changing the traditional advantages of economies of scale. However, large companies still have strengths to exploit, provided they move quickly.

5. How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation in 2018

At the intersection of analytics and smart technology, companies are starting to see the long-awaited benefits of AI.

6. Why People Believe in Their Leaders — or Not

This new research looks at credibility of leaders — which hinges on perceptions of competence and trustworthiness. Regaining lost credibility is difficult but can be done.

7. Architect Your Company for Agility

To facilitate innovating at speed, companies must design themselves to minimize obstacles to getting work done.

8. The Mindsets of a Leader

Researchers have identified six distinct mindsets that contribute to leadership styles. By understanding the strengths and pitfalls of each mindset, managers can create better teams.



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Supriyo Chatterjee
This one from the Summer 2018 edition ranks up there too -
Building the Right Ecosystem for Innovation (MIT SMR Summer 2018)
Robert J
good article
seo master
Corporate transformation is good for employees development and I found the information's valuable and knowledgeable.