Future of the Workforce


MIT SMR-Deloitte research into the about the future of the workforce offers insight both provocative and disturbing: There is no agreement or consensus around best practice and there is no shared vision about the future role of average or ordinary workers in tomorrow’s digital enterprise. We see a profound disconnect between people’s expectations around the value they contribute and their organization’s willingness and ability to invest in them. A bimodal distribution may be emerging: some organizations seek to make their human resources (even) more transactional and disposable; others are looking hard at how to make better bets on longer-term human capital cultivation and returns.

Redefining Work for New Value: The Next Opportunity

Investing in job redesign without first planning for and investing in redefining work narrows future outcomes and limits opportunities for both growth and long-term value creation. Understanding the relationship between these two approaches to work is essential to any strategic effort to compete over the long term.

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