Teamwork, Reinvented

SloanSelection Collection: Teamwork, Reinvented

Productive teams make for successful new products and flourishing companies. Structure your teams and your approach to teamwork to ensure that your teams perform at their best.

In this collection, you will learn:
  • Why externally focused teams (X-teams) outperform traditional teams — and how yours can too.
  • The one skill you need to know to “manage” a self-managed team: navigating the boundaries between the team and the firm.
  • Geographically dispersed teams are not necessarily at a disadvantage.
Articles included with this collection:
The Comparative Advantage of X-Teams
By Deborah Ancona, Henrik Bresman and Katrin Kaeufer
How to Lead a Self-Managing Team
By Vanessa Urch Druskat and Jane V. Wheeler
How to Manage Virtual Teams
By Frank Siebdrat, Martin Hoegl and Holger Ernst
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