Winter 1993
Volume 34, Issue # 2

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New Roles for the U.S. Military

  • Read Time: 17 min 

WHAT IS THE U.S. MILITARY TO DO NOW THAT THE SOVIET ENEMY IS GONE? THIS AUTHOR MAKES SOME CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS FOR A dual-use military that would combat external threats like nuclear and biological warfare but, at the same time, help develop struggling nations, provide disaster relief, and deal with inner-city problems.

Adoption of Software Engineering Process Innovations: The Case of Object Orientation

  • Read Time: 44 min 

How can the chief information officer of a large business application development organization choose which, if any, of new software process technologies to adopt? CIOs and other managers seeking advice on new software process technologies should learn from the lessons of technological change in other domains — while recognizing the relatively unique features of software process technologies.


Patterned Chaos in Human Resource Management

  • Read Time: 22 min 

The international economic situation and domestic demographic and life-style changes lead to mutually contradictory responses: Companies try to increase productivity through cost-cutting and downsizing, at the same time that demographic changes call for a middle ground in which more people work but on reduced schedules. Responses require testing and rethinking the assumptions on which the current career system is based.