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Featured Marketing Articles


The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Frontiers |

Sharing consumers’ positive stories about a brand can be a highly effective marketing strategy.


Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization

Frontiers |

Thanks to technologies like 3-D printing, a new supply chain model is emerging.


Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

Multinationals need to start viewing market intelligence as a strategic asset in emerging markets.



The Hidden Traps in Social Marketing

Who Gets Caught in Online Echo Chambers?

Frontiers |

Echo chambers — that is, exposure to information that closely mimics our own experiences and points of view — are burgeoning. In the online world, personalization algorithms lead to even more personalization over time. New research that looked at the way people navigate through videos of TED Talks highlights which types of people are most at risk for falling into extreme echo chambers. The research also suggests ways organizations can help content viewers navigate the noise.

How We Sell Our Attention

Efforts by advertisers to attract attention are not new. What’s different with the web, author Tim Wu says, is the extent to which individuals are willing to open their lives to advertisers and trade away their time and private information for having the world at their fingertips. This creates unprecedented opportunities for manipulation.


The Products (and Prices) Customers Want


Selling in the Global Marketplace

Mastering the Make-in-India Challenge

June 8, 2017 | Ram Mudambi, Haritha Saranga, and Andreas Schotter

Despite India’s economic growth, many foreign companies have found it difficult to make money selling there. But a number of companies have found a winning strategy that involves weaving together local and global value chains.


Online Marketing and Customer Service

How Analytics and AI Are Driving the Subscription E-Commerce Phenomenon

Box subscription companies are growing dramatically, using a high level of personalization and artificial intelligence algorithms to keep customers satisfied and eager for more. Their astute use of social media and influence marketing has also contributed to their startling success.

Beyond Viral: Generating Sustainable Value From Social Media

Frontiers |

Social media provides the fuel for unpredictable, temporary mobilization, rather than steady, sustainable change. To reverse this trend and reap more enduring benefits from social media requires a fundamental change in focus. Research shows that incentive networks are an important middle layer between ideologies and activity in online digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. So, too, is a focus on establishing loyalty and stickiness rather than just “likes” and retweets.