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Winning With AI

Findings from the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Project

After several decades of progress, AI technology is now poised to become a significant source of value for a wide range of businesses. However, companies are not yet realizing the value from AI, according to this study from MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group. This study of more than 2,500 business executives, managers, and analysts from around the world reveals that although executives consider AI to be a critical business opportunity, many leaders are increasingly worried about the strategic risks associated with AI.

“This report offers great insights and data points across several dimensions, from strategic alignment through value realization.” — Doug Ramsey, SVP, decision science, Mutual of Omaha

“Every organization, every sector, will undergo digital transformation. For those aiming to remain on the cutting edge, look no further than MIT SMR and this report. Jam-packed with insights you need to know!” — Michael Kanaan, cochair for AI, U.S. Air Force


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