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Artificial Intelligence in Business Gets Real

Findings from the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Project

To understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of artificial intelligence in business, MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group, conducted its second annual survey of over 3,000 business executives, managers, and analysts from organizations around the world. The report finds that Pioneer organizations are pulling ahead of their counterparts. By deepening their commitment to AI and focusing on revenue-generating applications over cost savings, these early implementers are positioning themselves to reap the benefits of AI at scale.

“This insightful report articulates this key point loud and clear: in this era, what defines the future winner in the business world will have much to do with how one scales AI throughout the enterprise in a systematic and coherent way, be it on the front of revenue-generating, or cost-saving, or both.” — Bowen Zhou, Head of AI, JD.COM


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