Aleksandra (Olenka) Kacperczyk

London Business School

United Kingdom

Aleksandra (Olenka) Kacperczyk is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School. Professor Kacperczyk’s research covers entrepreneurship, innovation, social responsibility and mobility, and labor markets. She is an associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly and an editorial board member of Strategic Management Journal. Away from her research, Aleksandra is associate editor of Management Science and Organization Science, and an editorial board member of Administrative Science Quarterly and Strategic Management Journal.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed how companies should think about business strategy. Strongly Agree “In times of uncertainty, the ability to adapt is an important source of a firm’s competitive advantage. Therefore, I would expect the pandemic to increase the critical importance of strategic and operational agility. In terms of the former, I anticipate that business strategy will be more frequently used to detect and to navigate unanticipated shifts in the market, such as shocks to the demand of products and services or disruption of established business models. In terms of the latter, operations will have to be reinvented to increase resilience to environmental jolts. Both strategic and operational agility will gain greater ground across many firms and many industries, even those traditionally operating in less volatile conditions. ”