Andrea Fosfuri

Department of Management and Technology

Bocconi University


Andrea Fosfuri is a professor of management and technology at Bocconi University, where he serves as dean of the PhD School. Professor Fosfuri has taught at Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, IESE Business School, and University Carlos III (Madrid) and has been a research affiliate of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

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The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed how companies should think about business strategy. Disagree “The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to revise some of their processes. Disruptions in the value chain both upstream and downstream have signaled potential weaknesses that companies had addressed or have to address. Most of the changes have been either acceleration of ongoing transformation (e.g., digitization, online consumption) or the implementation of more efficient and/or safer solutions. Some of these changes have an impact on costs that could potentially affect business strategy. However, overall, the way firms create and capture value has not permanently changed with the pandemic.”