Anita McGahan

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto

@anitamcgahan Website

Professor McGahan is cross appointed to the Munk School of Global Affairs at the Physiology Department of the Medical School and is a senior associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University. McGahan’s current research emphasizes entrepreneurship in the public interest and innovative collaboration between public and private organizations.

Vote History

Statement Vote Confidence Comments
Amazon’s new $15 per hour minimum wage will force other companies to follow suit. Disagree 2 “The labor markets in which Amazon offers $15 per hour are not constrained in supply.”
Restrictions on skilled immigration will cause US firms to to shift more operations overseas. Strongly Agree 7 “Moving overseas as a hedging strategy is happening already.”
Uber has to develop self-driving cars in the next 10 years in order to remain viable. Strongly Disagree 8 “The business model for self-driving cars is only now emerging. It will take some time for its full development. In the meantime, Uber will face a broad range of other challenges.”
A trade war will be more disruptive to business than to consumers. Neither Agree nor Disagree 4 “Both businesses and consumers in targeted sectors will be affected more intensively than in other sectors. Tariffs that induce inefficiency to redistribute wealth will ultimately fail. ”
Concern over consumer privacy will fundamentally limit businesses’ ability to use big data. Agree 8 “A best-case scenario is a relatively early framework on this. The longer we go without resolution, the greater the eventual constraints will be.”