John Roberts

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University

John Roberts’ teaching and research involve the application of economic and strategic (game-theoretic) analysis to management problems. His specific areas of current interest involve international business, the organization of the firm, and the connection between strategy and organization. He has been a member of the Stanford faculty since 1980, when he joined the GSB from Northwestern University.

Vote History

Statement Vote Confidence Comments
Amazon’s new $15 per hour minimum wage will force other companies to follow suit. Disagree 6 “Amazon is active in too few local labor markets to have a big impact.”
Restrictions on skilled immigration will cause US firms to to shift more operations overseas. Agree 8 “The complication is Trump’s tariffs. Otherwise, it is virtual certainty…”
Uber has to develop self-driving cars in the next 10 years in order to remain viable. Neither Agree nor Disagree 6 “Other companies can do it instead.”
A trade war will be more disruptive to business than to consumers. Neither Agree nor Disagree 5
Concern over consumer privacy will fundamentally limit businesses’ ability to use big data. Agree 5