Paul Michelman

Over the course of his career Paul has worked across every form of consumer media, including books, magazines, video, audio, and all aspects of digital publishing.

Prior to joining MIT SMR, Paul was editor-in-chief of Safari Books Online, where he served as principal curator of Safari’s 40,000-volume library of articles, books, videos, and digital courses, as well as its lead editorial voice. His portfolio of responsibilities spanned content strategy, acquisitions, original-content development, and guiding the customer’s editorial experience.

Before joining Safari, Paul spent the previous dozen years in leadership roles at two of the other premier names in management publishing:

As Harvard Business Review’s executive editor and director of new editorial products, Paul launched a suite of digital initiatives that today comprise the core of HBR’s online brand.

In 2012, Paul joined strategy+business as executive editor, where he spearheaded a digital make-over of s+b. Transforming it from a print-centric, issue-based, publishing paradigm to a more fluid digital model in which the web is the primary distribution platform, Paul also edited and wrote some of the magazine’s most popular features and introduced new editorial techniques, such as interactive assessments, to s+b’s story-telling toolkit.