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Delivering Experiences That Win Business and Build Loyalty: Focus on Latin America


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Organizations worldwide are boosting investments in key CX technologies — and Latin American companies are no exception.

According to a global survey of 2,670 managers conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review Connections and sponsored by SAS, nearly half of companies worldwide expect to increase their CX technology investments significantly over the next two years. More than two-thirds expect positive returns on investment (ROI) over the same period.

Providing high-quality CX is a high priority in Latin America, the survey found. Many businesses in the region are spending heavily on CX technologies, and like their counterparts globally, they generally anticipate strong ROI.

But these same organizations sometimes find it challenging to calculate their actual ROI, and many struggle with using analytics effectively to enhance their CX initiatives. In fact, among the largest problems that Latin American companies face is the relatively low level of analytics skills among the executives leading their CX initiatives, according to the survey results. Respondents from the region rate their leaders’ analytics skills considerably lower than do participants in other parts of the world.

In certain industries, though, Latin American companies are in line with or even ahead of the rest of the world in their use of CX tools. For instance, Latin American retailers rank well above than the global survey population in their use of live chat and immersive experiences. Manufacturers in the region score higher than the overall population in the use of cloud-based computing, real-time data collection, and use of autonomous vehicles for delivery. Meanwhile, the region’s financial services organizations lead significantly in providing connected omnichannel experiences.

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