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HR and IT: Forging New Partnerships to Drive Digital Transformation


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When discussing a company’s most critical strategic partnerships, the pairing of HR and IT might not be the first one that comes to mind. But today, it’s imperative for leaders in those two areas to join forces to tackle an organization-wide issue: digital transformation.

Today’s employees increasingly expect their workplace transactions to be as intuitive and as personalized as the consumer applications they use daily. That means HR and IT must collaborate, starting at the executive level, to develop new ways to create outstanding employee experiences.

In this webinar, Jay Caldwell, vice president of human resources, global product technology at ADP; Shimon Senderowitz, head of human resources innovation and analytics at ADP; and Aaron Smith, senior vice president, product development, ADP, discuss how to better engage employees and deliver business benefits in a rapidly changing environment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How these new environments are evolving, and how forward-thinking companies are strategizing to meet that evolution.
  • What technologies and infrastructures are required to support those changes.
  • Why and how the traditional HR-IT relationship needs to change.
  • How ADP’s own HR-IT partnerships have driven genuine digital transformation, as illustrated by the global company’s internal response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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