MIT SMR Connections | Custom Webinar

Implementing AI: From Starting Out to Scaling Up

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The recent MIT SMR Connections report profiling three companies’ AI initiatives found that barriers to working with these transformative technologies are dropping — and applying AI is no longer a question of “if” for business leaders, but a question of “when.” In this webinar follow-up to our report, we share real-world lessons learned in AI adoption, from getting started to planning for scale.

In this on-demand webinar, Gillian Armstrong, technologist with Liberty Mutual Insurance; Eric Kessler, data scientist and practice manager for AI/ML at Amazon Web Services; John Ashley, director, global financial services strategy, NVIDIA; and veteran business technology analyst Abbie Lundberg as they discuss identifying which problems to solve, supporting a culture of experimentation, and tackling implementation challenges.

You will learn:

  • How to identify opportunities to automate, enhance, or innovate with AI.
  • How your goals for AI relate to the investment required.
  • Why your most critical AI resources are data and talent.
  • What to consider as you scale up from experiments to an organization-wide AI road map.