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Strengthening Online Learning and Readying for the Return to In-Real-Life Learning


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With campuses locked down due to COVID-19, colleges and universities worldwide have scrambled to create new, and still evolving, educational environments online. This unprecedented situation makes engaging online students more critical — and more challenging — than ever before. Meanwhile, these same institutions are also developing a range of options for returning to traditional in-person instruction.

In this webinar, Sanjay Sarma, Vice President for Open Learning at MIT, and Prakash Tripathi, Senior Director for Business Development at HARMAN International, discuss the challenges and opportunities for online learning and considerations for the eventual return to campus.

You will hear about:

  • Lessons learned from the rapid transition from traditional to online education.
  • Effective methods for strengthening student engagement (and preventing dropouts) in online-only environments.
  • Likely ways that online education will evolve in the short term.
  • Potential scenarios for returning to campus and what the “new normal” will look like both on campus and online.
  • Technology-adoption considerations for faculty, administrators, and IT staff.

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