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MIT SMR Unlocked for All Visitors

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On March 20 and 21, MIT Sloan Management Review is unlocking its site, allowing visitors to freely explore all of our articles, reports, posts, videos, webinars, tools, and case studies. Why? We’re celebrating our ongoing growth and invite new and long-term customers to celebrate with us. We work to collect here the best new ideas, research, and tools, and we want to give visitors the chance to experience all of it.

Image courtesy of Flickr user BenLucier.

Optimizing Your Digital Business Model

A company’s digital business model describes how the enterprise interacts digitally with its customers to generate value. If you lack a good digital business model, your customers may leave you behind. This article presents a framework to help enterprises compete digitally with three capabilities: their content, customer experience and platform. The framework is illustrated with case studies of top performers like Amazon, Apple, LexisNexis and USAA and results from an effective practices survey.

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