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The Internet of (Wonderful and Scary) Things

Frontiers |

Investing in cybersecurity capabilities for IoT products is essential, but it requires resources.


Driving Operational Cost Savings With the Internet of Things

AI and IoT offer significant benefits — as yet untapped — for facilities maintenance.


Safeguard Your Organization’s IoT Initiatives

IoT-enabled devices are the new weakest link in data security — and companies need to address this now.


The 2016 Internet of Things Report

Data Sharing and Analytics Drive Success With IoT

September 8, 2016 | Stephanie Jernigan, Sam Ransbotham, and David Kiron

We found that obtaining business value using the connections the IoT creates between an organization and its customers, suppliers, and competitors depends on companies’ willingness to share data with other organizations


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Platform Strategy and the Internet of Things

In this webinar, Professor Marshall Van Alstyne discusses how platform strategy and IoT combine to produce value for all players in the ecosystem.


What You Need to Know About IoT

Getting Started With IoT

Many organizations are finding success with IoT projects by starting small, considering the short- and long-term value of initiatives, and looking at alternative ways to investigate issues for the information they need.

Now That Your Products Can Talk, What Will They Tell You?

Products connected to the Internet of Things are providing unprecedented levels of information that can be used to improve both products and customer experience. For instance, a company does not have to wait until a customer calls with a complaint to know that a product connected to the Internet of Things is not working correctly. Instead, the product could already communicate the information, giving the company the ability to provide proactive service. Result: more loyal customers.


Managing the (Massive) IoT Data Set

If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now

January 27, 2015 | Randy Bean

Although workers and consumers generate two-thirds of all new data, that’s about to change. Sensors and smart devices — from traffic lights and grocery store scanners to hospital equipment and industrial sensors — are beginning to generate an enormous wave of data that will increase the digital universe ten-fold by 2020. Guest blogger Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, explains what this means for executives trying to adapt to a rapidly changing, data-centered business environment.


Interviews: Voices from the Forefront


Sensing the Future Before It Occurs

GE global software chief William Ruh discusses the combined power of analytics and sensors.


Gone Fishing — For Data

When it comes to big data, GE avoids warehousing and instead turns to the data lake approach.


Are You Ready For the Certainty of the Unknown?

Companies and individuals will need to embrace impermanence and continual reconfiguring in “the remix era.”


‘People Analytics’ Through Super-Charged ID Badges

Humanyze helps interpret social data so that businesses can identify the best collaborative practices of the most effective people.