On Demand: “How Big Data and AI are Driving Business Innovation in 2018”

After years of hope and promise, 2018 may be the year when artificial intelligence (AI) gains meaningful traction within Fortune 1000 corporations. This is a key finding of NewVantage Partners’ annual executive survey, which finds that investment in big data and AI are increasing rapidly, though ROI remains elusive.

In this webinar, Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Ventures and author of “How Big Data and AI Are Driving Business Innovation in 2018,” discusses the findings from the 2018 study of Fortune 1000 companies, gives examples, and shares his thoughts on the current and future states of big data and artificial intelligence implementation among leading business organizations.

In this webinar you will learn:

• Why gaps continue between what leaders say they are doing with big data and AI and what they are actually doing

• Why big data and AI implementation can take far longer than companies anticipate

• Why a combined short-term/long-term strategy for big data and AI is essential

• How to “innovate around the edges” to achieve big data and AI success

Randy Bean
Randy Bean is an industry thought leader and author, and CEO of NewVantage Partners, a strategic advisory and management consulting firm that he founded in 2001. He is a contributor to MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.
David Kiron
David Kiron is the executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review. He moderated the session.

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