Content Sponsorship Opportunities

In developing each program — whether it’s a fully integrated approach or carefully selected individual components — MIT SMR works to understand the challenges our partners face. The MIT SMR team will develop a program built to our sponsor’s specifications. MIT SMR creates programs to meet a range of customer/prospect engagement objectives, including branding, thought leadership and lead generation.
Sample Sponsored Content Programs
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Sample Sponsored Content Programs

Our content sponsorship solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sponsored Download

MIT SMR provides the opportunity for sponsors to offer to visitors free downloads to a specific MIT SMR article or collection of articles in major topic areas, generating qualified leads.


Sponsored Panel

Sponsors may offer business execs a collection of content specifically designed to enhance their own thought leadership, in a topic area of their choice. MIT SMR will build a panel featuring existing MIT SMR content relevant to the sponsor. Content may feature classic articles, the latest blog content and/or interviews — up to six pieces of content.

Video Interviews & Panels

MIT SMR videos feature authors, business leaders, or industry panelists. As visual media, videos can help in brand advertising and generate high quality leads — only prospects specifically interested in the topic will respond.



MIT SMR produces webinars that bring the latest in innovative ideas from a wide range of leading experts in a compelling, broadly distributed format.

Sponsored Issues — Content for Targeted Readers

MIT SMR sponsored issues and subscriptions, both digital and print, provide a unique, high-impact opportunity to put your message into the hands of the world’s business leaders. Send subscriptions of the MIT SMR to your preferred clients, prospects or employees. Your marketing message will be included with the subscription copy, and you’ll receive a deep discount over the regular subscription price.


Case Studies

Case studies offer an in-depth exploration into a challenging business problem faced by leaders in a real company. They give our partners the opportunity to associate their brand with a particular set of management challenges. The case studies also feature expert commentary, and an opportunity for the sponsor to offer his own commentary as well.

Content Syndication — Sponsored Viewpoint

Content syndication allows sponsors a unique opportunity to be associated with MIT SMR content while providing a valuable solution for their clients. It provides an opportunity for partners to take a MIT SMR article or a collection of articles and explain how lessons and insights are applied from the articles in their own company.

Print Advertorial Program

The advertorial program allows clients to work with MIT SMR to develop a custom advertorial or advertorial series.
Based on the client’s briefing, our team creates and produces advertorial content that enhances your brand and appeals to our executive audience. Your thought leadership is presented via sophisticated design and layout.

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