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The Store Is Dead — Long Live the Store

Legacy offline stores and online retailers are each finding their way to a new kind of shopping experience: the showroom.


The Hybrid Trap: Why Most Efforts to Bridge Old and New Technology Miss the Mark

Mature companies often lack the vision and the commitment to fully commit to new technologies.


Why Best Practices Often Fall Short

For many leaders, the allure of best practices is strong and their expectations for results are unrealistic.


How Should Companies Manage Financial Risk?

Why Companies Should Report Financial Risks From Climate Change

Meeting the recommendations for disclosure put forth by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures might seem like a tough job. But if the oil & gas industry is any example, it’s not as difficult as some might imagine — and there are excellent reasons for corporate boards to consider it.

The Board’s Role in Share Repurchases

Many companies’ decisions about share repurchases are handled mainly by management rather than boards — with repercussions for capital allocation. Boards should carefully balance the capital needed for repurchases against its use in value creation via internal development or external acquisitions — and be skeptical of repurchase programs financed by debt rather than profits.

Developing Strategy

How to Test Your Assumptions

December 6, 2017 | Jon Fjeld

When you’re developing a strategy for a new business, testing assumptions in your plan in a logical order gives you the best chance to make course corrections early — and not waste time and money.

Finding Your Angle in Transformative Times

The End of Scale

New technology-driven business models are undercutting the traditional advantages of economies of scale.



Platform Strategy Essentials

Why Some Platforms Are Better Than Others

Frontiers |

Executives often look at the network effects of digital platforms as a key source of competitive advantage — without understanding that platforms need to also leverage other factors at play in the local markets and among preferred customers. Network effects can help, but on their own, they offer very limited competitive value.

For a Return on Platform Investment, Focus on New Capabilities

Business success today requires taking part in open platform ecosystems. But too many world-class product and services companies find their platformization quests narrowly defined, and end up with constricted or conflicted implementations. The ability of information systems and devices to exchange data isn’t enough in and of itself. Instead, developing new capabilities is the key to platform innovation that will add value to an organization.


The Strategic Agility Project

Turning Strategy Into Results

How can leaders translate strategic complexity into simple and flexible guidelines that get results?