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Five Categories to Focus Your KPIs

Research shows greater KPI transparency and clearer alignment are key to overall KPI effectiveness.

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What Problems Will You Solve With Blockchain?

Organizations need to focus on how blockchain can be used to support their unique strategies.


How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets

Before your next large-scale product launch, try leveraging uncertainty for competitive advantage.


Risk Management

Taking Stock of Corporate Risk-Taking

August 23, 2018 | Vincent O’Connell, Don O’Sullivan, and Jong-Ho Lee

Research shows equity incentives introduce bias in executive recommendations and strategic planning. To counter this, boards should consider three key steps in assessing corporate risk.

Facing Industry Disruption


Three Signals Your Industry Is About to Be Disrupted

Frontiers |

Disruption rarely comes out of nowhere — so if you see these key signs, take action to limit your risk.


Why Companies Don’t Respond to Digital Disruption

Many executives don’t recognize the threat posed by failing to respond to digital disruption.


Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy

Manufacturers may be able to charge higher prices to customers planning to rent out big-ticket items.


The End of Scale

New technology-driven business models are undercutting the traditional advantages of economies of scale.

Will Self-Driving Technology Be Uber’s Make or Break?

Each month, the MIT SMR Strategy Forum poses a single question to our panel of experts in the fields of business, economics, and management. This month’s question asks our panel whether ride-sharing platform Uber must develop a self-driving car capability to remain viable in the market.

Strategy for Digital Business

Humanizing Tech May Be the New Competitive Advantage

Frontiers |

Software continues to “eat the world,” but often at the cost of user privacy and trust. In order to grow responsibly, companies must move from a “can we” to a “should we” framework when bringing products to market.

Platforms That Grow Are More Than Matchmakers

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Platform businesses, like Airbnb or Lyft, often talk about themselves as if they’re merely matchmakers. That’s a smart pitch — when a company is negotiating with investors. But any platform that wants to succeed will have to learn something Airbnb did: Matchmaking isn’t everything. Success also depends on identifying and mitigating risks for your buyers and sellers. The quantity and quality of goods or services bought and sold on your platform will be proportional to the amount of risk mitigated.


The Strategic Agility Project

The Strategic Agility series from MIT Sloan Management Review draws on evidence and data analytics to answer a fundamental question: How can organizations achieve their strategic objectives? The series features the research of MIT Sloan School of Management’s Donald Sull and his team of researchers and data scientists. It draws on, among other sources, over 4 million Glassdoor employee reviews that provide insight on organizational culture and management practices of a large sample of important organizations.

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AI and Strategy

Improving Strategic Execution With Machine Learning

August 21, 2018 | Michael Schrage and David Kiron

Our 2018 Strategic Measurement research shows that companies using machine learning to optimize business processes and decision-making have distinct advantages over those that aren’t investing in ML. By using ML technology to make KPIs more predictive and prescriptive, these data-driven companies are redefining how to create and measure value.

Planning Transformation


The 2018 MIT SMR Strategic Measurement Report

Leading With Next-Generation Key Performance Indicators

June 26, 2018 | Michael Schrage and David Kiron

MIT Sloan Management Review and Google’s new cross-industry survey about key performance indicators (KPIs) asked senior executives to explain how they and their organizations are using KPIs in the digital era. The results shed light on the challenges and emerging opportunities companies face when using KPIs, demonstrate the many ways advanced use of KPIs can benefit organizations, and offer steps executives can take to make the most of KPIs going forward.