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Make Gender Equality a Value, Not a Priority

To make gender equality a reality, organizations need to look at values, not priorities.


The World in 2030: Nine Megatrends to Watch

Nine fast-moving megatrends are shaping where our world will be in 11 years.


Five Key Elements of Problem-Centric Selling

Here’s how to ensure your sales teams know their customers’ problems.


Strategy Forum

If China Reaches 5G First, How Will Countries Compete?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at the global race to deploy 5G — next-generation internet connectivity — which has several countries pitted against each other. We asked our panel of strategy experts to examine the competitive scenario if China were to achieve a 5G rollout first.

Outside-the-Box Innovation Strategies

When Patients Become Innovators

Health care consumers are contributing their skills, money, and time to develop effective solutions.


Financial Management & Risk

Beat the Odds in M&A Turnarounds

While M&A deals and turnarounds are individually hard to pull off, combining the two can be even more challenging. Yet an analysis of roughly 1,400 M&A-based turnarounds between 2005 and 2018 shows that six management actions can help acquiring companies improve their odds of success. The rewards can be considerable. Successful buyers generate gains in both revenue growth and profit margins, and — most important — better returns.

Taking Stock of Corporate Risk-Taking

Research shows equity incentives introduce bias in executive recommendations and strategic planning. To counter this, boards should consider three key steps in assessing corporate risk.



Do Platform Strategies Work?


Unleashing Innovation With Collaboration Platforms

Frontiers |

Effective leadership of virtual teams matters more than which collaboration platform you choose.


How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords

The authors of The Business of Platforms outline the myths and pitfalls of platform strategy.


Beyond a ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Strategy for Platforms

Three questions can help inform how network interactions drive value for platform companies.


Why Some Platforms Are Better Than Others

Frontiers |

Business models that use platform network effects for competitive advantage risk may not be viable.

How to Lead Effective Cross-Functional Teams

Getting buy-in on a large digital transformation project is hard enough when it’s happening within an existing team. Managing a cross-functional project that requires contributions from multiple units is an even bigger challenge — but it can be done effectively if project leaders focus on three key steps.

Strategic Decision Making

A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisions

Many decisions about strategy require that senior executives make evaluative judgments on the basis of extensive, complex information. Such work is prone to common errors, but a disciplined, sequential approach can mitigate those errors and improve the quality of both one-off and recurrent decisions in an array of business domains. The process described in this article is easy to learn, involves little additional work, and (within limits) leaves room for intuition.

The Perils of Applying AI Prediction to Complex Decisions

Frontiers |

While AI is brilliantly placed to solve decisions that are concrete and well-defined, in other contexts it can fail spectacularly, showing connections between facts or events but stumbling when the need to disentangle cause from correlation arises. Human input in the form of subject matter knowledge and common sense are often needed to complement AI. And executives must understand which challenges are right for these new technologies to address.


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