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Act Like a Startup

A number of characteristics typically associated with startups are important to digital success.


Beyond a ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Strategy for Platforms

Three questions can help inform how network interactions drive value for platform companies.


The Machine Learning Race Is Really a Data Race

To make AI a strategic differentiator, organizations need to draw from alternative data sets.


The Enabling Power of Trust

Examining skill sets and mind-sets will help leaders understand what it means to be a leader in the digital economy. This will include requirements such as changing mastery, executing excellence, nurturing relationships, and, notably, building a culture of radical trust.

Planning for Growth


Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative

To bolster innovation, use a growth-affirming innovation narrative supported by four proven levers.


A New Playbook for Diversified Companies

Strong multi-business companies are defying expectations in three ways.


Reframing Growth Strategy in a Digital Economy

Frontiers |

Big corporations need new strategies in a world of digital disruptors, where three new truths rule.


Building a Winning Business Model Portfolio

Business model diversification requires careful assessments of each model’s strategic contributions.

The Strategic Agility Project

The Strategic Agility series from MIT Sloan Management Review draws on evidence and data analytics to answer a fundamental question: How can organizations achieve their strategic objectives? The series features the research of MIT Sloan School of Management’s Donald Sull and his team of researchers and data scientists. It draws on, among other sources, over 4 million Glassdoor employee reviews that provide insight on organizational culture and management practices of a large sample of important organizations.

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Business In the Cloud


Strategy Forum

Can Industry Self-Regulation Impact Climate Change?

Each month, the MIT SMR Strategy Forum poses a single question to our panel of experts in the fields of business, economics, and management. This month’s question asks our panel whether industry self-regulation can help mitigate climate change.

Corporate Governance

Game-Changing Strategies for Corporate Boards

The process of recruiting members to a board is often mistaken for the actual onboarding. Much is at stake in terms of legal and fiduciary responsibilities, but relatively little attention is paid to creating the conditions within the board to extract the distinctive knowledge of its new members. Three strategies can help boards do a better job leveraging the unique expertise of each board member.