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Reframing the Future of Work

The real opportunity for organizations goes beyond doing more of the same labor faster and cheaper.


Demystifying Data Monetization

Data on its own has value, but insights from that data substantially increase its value.


Navigating a New Industrial Infrastructure

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Converging technologies are realigning how organizations operate in an increasingly connected world.


Experts Weigh In On: Minimum Wage

Amazon Raised Its Minimum Wage — Will Its Rivals Do the Same?

Each month, the MIT SMR Strategy Forum poses a single question to our panel of experts in the fields of business, economics, and management. This month’s question asks our panel whether Amazon, by raising the minimum wage for its U.S. workers to $15 per hour, will influence other companies to do the same.

New Capabilities For Supply Chains

Can Your Supply Chain Hear Me Now?

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As conversational commerce becomes embedded into company operations, it has the potential to bring supply chains closer to customers, employees, and senior management.

Following the Digital Thread: Revolutionizing Supply Chains

In Part 1 of our eight-part video series, we explore the real power of the digital thread, which lies not just in a “cradle-to-grave” virtual rendering of the manufacturing process, but also in the possibility of taking the lessons learned from analyzing product performance and applying them to future generations of the manufacturing process and product design.



Embracing Experimentation

Rebooting Work for a Digital Era

IBM has reimagined its talent and performance management systems as part of its digital transformation.


Today’s ‘Golden Age for the Customer’

Make Your Communication Technology Work for Customers

Customers are often well ahead of most businesses when it comes to adopting new technology and communication channels. When it comes to customer-facing communication tools, organizations must become more strategic about their tech investments in order to better serve customers.

How Customer Obsession Creates Accountability for Change

Organizational change is difficult. Some 70% of change efforts fail, and awareness hasn’t improved the odds of success. But there are exceptional companies, making strides with everything from digital transformation to employee engagement to diversity and inclusion. And they have one thing in common: They are customer-obsessed. When customers are truly at the center of your business, change proceeds from one organizing principle: What’s best for them?


Video Series: Following the Digital Thread

Our eight-part video series explores how integrated digital technologies can transform business.

PROLOGUE: The Path Toward the Digital Enterprise

EPISODE 1: Revolutionizing Supply Chains

EPISODE 2: Creating a Smart Part and Managing Its Life Cycle

EPISODE 3: Augmenting Part Design With Topology Optimization

EPISODE 4: A Digital Safety Net

EPISODE 5: Fabricating Within the Digital Thread

EPISODE 6: Testing and Validation

EPISODE 7: How the Digital Thread Weaves Its Way Through the Business

EPISODE 8: The Digital Thread Takes Flight

EPILOGUE: Beyond Manufacturing

Ten Ways To Make Teams Agile

Get Things Done With Smaller Teams

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September 7, 2018 | Chris DeBrusk

There are many reasons why large programs fail, but one potential cause is that they simply break down under their own weight. Smaller teams move faster, iterate at a higher frequency, and innovate more for the company. There are ten specific ways that managers can nurture small teams in big organizations, from increasing visibility and accountability to being less formal when sharing information.