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Why ‘Autos Plus Tech’ Is the Best Path for Automated Vehicles

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Auto companies or tech companies can’t develop winning mobility offerings on their own.


Social Listening Is Revolutionizing New Product Development

Social listening — analyzing what consumers say on social media — can serve as a treasure hunt map.


Making It Easier to Manage and Scale Digital Projects

Using systematic processes to prototype, test, and launch ideas can help you scale agile benefits.


You Can’t Afford to Please Everyone

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While giving customers what they want — and as rapidly as possible — may be a worthy goal for service organizations, Amy R. Ward at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business notes that businesses can’t always afford to do this. Her research uses probability to understand how best to align resources with customer demand and improve operational efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

Global Operations


The Future of Work in Developing Economies

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AI and automation are changing labor markets worldwide, but developing nations will be hit hardest.


Is Your Company Ready for a Cyberattack?

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Many companies are putting themselves through military-inspired games to beef up their cyber resilience.

Using Data Science to Avoid Global Pricing Chaos

Five steps to make sure your data and analytics efforts pay off in the long term.



The Challenges of Living Large

Why Large Companies Struggle With Lean

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Large corporations have found that applying the principles of lean is more complicated than expected. Large organizations aren’t just bigger versions of startups. To make innovation integral to the organization, there has to be a vision of where new ideas will be incubated and how they will be delivered.

Why Multinationals Should Consider Geographic Complexity First

Well-executed international expansions can provide access to new markets, customers, and revenue streams. But many companies underestimate operational complexity and end up with a country portfolio that slowly and subtly erodes profitability. New research offers a framework for managing successful country portfolios and making some key decisions before the next recession hits.


Developing Key Partnerships


Agile Is Not Enough

Three impediments in particular work against agile adoption in most organizations. By addressing architectural rigidity, closing talent gaps, and adopting a product mindset, leaders and organizations can realize agile’s power in delivering business value.