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Where Influencer Marketing Goes Wrong (and How to Fix It)

Influencer marketing offers a big return when done right. But many companies are doing it wrong.


In Search of the Collaboration Sweet Spot

Brand collaborations can benefit both partners, but there are limits on how many can participate.


The Magic That Makes Customer Experiences Stick

The most memorable experiences are suffused with emotion — not extra features or value for money.


Focusing on the Customer

Customer Centricity in the Digital Age

May 30, 2019 | Zoran Latinovic and Sharmila C. Chatterjee

As AI moves from the hype stage to implementation within organizations, retailers and marketers have new competitive opportunities with customer centricity. AI enables companies to apply data about their customers’ wants, needs, and preferences to customize their offerings, create personalized shopping experiences, and make the purchase process simpler and more convenient.

Eliminate the Uncertainty

Using Data Science to Avoid Global Pricing Chaos

E-commerce and omnichannel retail strategies have revolutionized the way consumers buy products, but maintaining consistent pricing across global markets can be an obstacle for organizations. By harnessing a focused data science strategy, organizations can avoid pricing pitfalls.

How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets

How should companies launch products in times of uncertainty? Should they “wait and see” until uncertainty resolves — or commit to a full-scale launch and ride it out? Conventional wisdom says being early to market is the right choice, but that is not always the case. Many companies can benefit from a mixed, “act and see” approach.


One Business To Another



Communicating With the Customer

How Should Companies Talk to Customers Online?

Digital customer service is becoming more widely adopted, but one place it falls short is in the language and phrases it uses. Many digital service platforms use words that alienate customers rather than engage them; selecting customer-centric language for chatbots and service platforms can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

Make Your Communication Technology Work for Customers

Customers are often well ahead of most businesses when it comes to adopting new technology and communication channels. When it comes to customer-facing communication tools, organizations must become more strategic about their tech investments in order to better serve customers.


To Share Data or Not to Share

Trapped in the Data-Sharing Dilemma

Frontiers |

December 5, 2018 | Jan Krämer, Daniel Schnurr, and Michael Wohlfarth

There are clear benefits for companies allowing website users to login with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google. But the ease of user access that social logins make possible comes at a price: The platforms learn a great deal more about users’ buying and searching behavior via these agreements — information that could wind up helping the company’s competitors (including the platform itself) down the line.