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Five Key Elements of Problem-Centric Selling

Here’s how to ensure your sales teams know their customers’ problems.


The Public Sector Can Teach Us a Lot About Digitizing Customer Service

Australian social service agencies are taking the lead in using bots to improve services.


Deriving Value From Conversations About Your Brand

Online and off-line customer conversations about your brand require separate marketing strategies.


Customer Communications

How Should Companies Talk to Customers Online?

October 26, 2018 | Brent McFerran, Sarah G. Moore, and Grant Packard

Digital customer service is becoming more widely adopted, but one place it falls short is in the language and phrases it uses. Many digital service platforms use words that alienate customers rather than engage them; selecting customer-centric language for chatbots and service platforms can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.

Recommendation Engines

The Power of Product Recommendation Networks

Frontiers |

Much as relationships in social networks have been analyzed to understand and influence how ideas flow among people, researchers wondered whether it might be possible to use the structure of product recommendation networks online to understand or influence how demand flows among products. The short answer is yes, and the implications for marketers are important.


Personalized Marketing

Don’t Let Marketing Personalization Kill Your Brand

December 17, 2018 | Leslie Zane

Instead of diluting brand identity through an endless pursuit of personalization, organizations should take time to understand their customers and what they value.

Data-Based Marketing



Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

Bill It, Kill It, or Keep It Free?

Many B2B companies seek to grow beyond traditional product lines by venturing into new services. Yet they often overlook the opportunity to capture sales from free services they provide. This article outlines the free-to-fee, or F2F, service transition. It shows how to inventory free services (categorizing them as profit drains, distributor delights, competitive weapons, or gold nuggets) and lays out a path for profitably generating revenues.

How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets

How should companies launch products in times of uncertainty? Should they “wait and see” until uncertainty resolves — or commit to a full-scale launch and ride it out? Conventional wisdom says being early to market is the right choice, but that is not always the case. Many companies can benefit from a mixed, “act and see” approach.