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In Search of the Collaboration Sweet Spot

Brand collaborations can benefit both partners, but there are limits on how many can participate.


The Magic That Makes Customer Experiences Stick

The most memorable experiences are suffused with emotion — not extra features or value for money.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of Customer Participation

Frontiers |

When employees represent the views of customers, management needs to have their backs.


Why Customer Experience Matters for B2B

Few business websites offer features that simplify transactions, create deep customer relationships, and drive sales growth. To succeed, they need to personalize and customize their online selling process through high-performance technology and customer-centered business models.

Customer Service Transformed

Digital Transformation Should Start With Customers

Few organizations have the resources necessary to transform operations, business models, and customer experience all at the same time. They need to prioritize. Focusing on the transformation of the customer experience should be first. This is not because it’s necessarily the easiest, but because doing so is far more likely to keep a company viable than changing other aspects of business.

The Public Sector Can Teach Us a Lot About Digitizing Customer Service

Digital customer service agents (known as virtual assistants, chatbots, or softbots) are typically used to sift through and process only the most straightforward customer inquiries, such as requests for basic information. At most companies, complex issues get passed along to human agents. In that regard, public sector agencies in Australia are ahead of the curve: They are using digital agents to handle complex inquiries from citizens, and businesses stand to learn much from these applications.


Becoming a Digital Seller



Managing Your Brand

Why Brand Trumps Reputation

By featuring Colin Kaepernick in its latest “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has made a deliberate decision to increase the appeal of its brand among younger, liberal, and ethnically diverse consumers while risking not only a portion of its existing customer base, but also its overall reputation.


The Big Data Problem That Market Research Must Fix

Insight into what customers really care about often is hampered by the quality of the information being collected. Big data can support smart market research, but only if researchers embrace psychometric best practices and the basics of understanding what it is they want to measure and how. That means asking the right questions, asking enough questions, understanding how to weigh questions, and taking into consideration how people felt about the brand to begin with.