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Five Key Elements of Problem-Centric Selling

Here’s how to ensure your sales teams know their customers’ problems.


Don’t Let Marketing Personalization Kill Your Brand

Brands must focus on what their customers have in common — not what makes them different.


The Public Sector Can Teach Us a Lot About Digitizing Customer Service

Australian social service agencies are taking the lead in using bots to improve services.


Machine Learning in B2B

Five AI Solutions Transforming B2B Marketing

February 13, 2019 | Brian Kardon

B2B Marketing departments never have enough time, manpower, or money. AI solutions such as automated emails and predictive analytics can help companies push back against these constraints. AI marketing products can act as a force multiplier. Imagine filling your headquarters with thousands of brilliant marketers, expertly analyzing data and providing actionable insights that increase the productivity of your existing marketing team.

Brands Under the Microscope

Why Brand Trumps Reputation

By featuring Colin Kaepernick in its latest “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has made a deliberate decision to increase the appeal of its brand among younger, liberal, and ethnically diverse consumers while risking not only a portion of its existing customer base, but also its overall reputation.

Deriving Value From Conversations About Your Brand

Companies often treat social media as the conversation that represents what consumers are saying about any given brand. But research shows that online and off-line conversations are different beasts. Even though they both drive sales, they need to be measured and managed separately.


Focus on Customer Communication


Marketing Fundamentals

The Truth About Behavioral Change

November 7, 2018 | Damon Centola

In this article drawn from his new book, How Behavior Spreads, UPenn professor Damon Centola explains how the thinking about social networks is changing. Recent research reveals that depending on long-established concepts such as “weak ties” and “long bridges” to drive the adoption of new innovations and organizational change can be a prescription for failure.


Making Data-Driven Marketing Work

The Big Data Problem That Market Research Must Fix

Insight into what customers really care about often is hampered by the quality of the information being collected. Big data can support smart market research, but only if researchers embrace psychometric best practices and the basics of understanding what it is they want to measure and how. That means asking the right questions, asking enough questions, understanding how to weigh questions, and taking into consideration how people felt about the brand to begin with.

Trapped in the Data-Sharing Dilemma

Frontiers |

There are clear benefits for companies allowing website users to login with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google. But the ease of user access that social logins make possible comes at a price: The platforms learn a great deal more about users’ buying and searching behavior via these agreements — information that could wind up helping the company’s competitors (including the platform itself) down the line.