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Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

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A successful pitch for AI must overcome economic, technical, political, and cultural hurdles.


Customer Centricity in the Digital Age

AI is making it possible for companies to reach a new level of customer-centric marketing.


Why Personalization Matters for Consumer Privacy

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Consumers’ concerns about data privacy are offset by a desire for personalized service.


Chatbots and Customer Service

The Future of Customer Service Is AI-Human Collaboration

May 29, 2019 | P.V. Kannan and Josh Bernoff

The future of customer service will allow bots and humans to focus on what they do best. For chatbots and virtual agents, that is handling routine cases quickly and efficiently. For the human supervisors, that is solving more complex problems, using empathy and emotional intelligence.

Setting the Price

Using Data Science to Avoid Global Pricing Chaos

E-commerce and omnichannel retail strategies have revolutionized the way consumers buy products, but maintaining consistent pricing across global markets can be an obstacle for organizations. By harnessing a focused data science strategy, organizations can avoid pricing pitfalls.

Master the Challenges of Multichannel Pricing

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Retail customers may accept different prices on different channels — but retailers need to manage new complexities to make it work. These include understanding what customers value in each channel and how that affects what they will pay, giving store employees the right language for talking about price differences, and working out operational challenges. Getting it right has a real payoff: Retailers that effectively price differently across all channels see bottom-line growth of 2 to 5%.


Marketing By the Numbers



Market Intelligence

The Big Data Problem That Market Research Must Fix

Insight into what customers really care about often is hampered by the quality of the information being collected. Big data can support smart market research, but only if researchers embrace psychometric best practices and the basics of understanding what it is they want to measure and how. That means asking the right questions, asking enough questions, understanding how to weigh questions, and taking into consideration how people felt about the brand to begin with.

Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

A shortage of reliable information is common in emerging markets. Because such markets are heterogeneous, the sources and methods for market intelligence require modification before they can be transferred from one emerging market to another. Market intelligence is thus best viewed and managed as a strategic asset that multinationals should invest in keeping up to date.


A Problem-Solving Approach

Five Key Elements of Problem-Centric Selling

January 9, 2019 | J. Keenan

The traditional method for selling — typically framed around asking the customers’ needs — is not enough. Why? Because often customers don’t recognize their core problem. To increase sales, managers should direct their teams on taking a problem-centric approach.