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Pass the Word: Peer Influence Has Big Impact on Online Market Dynamics

A study of cryptocurrency markets dissects the role of peer influence in online purchasing decisions.


With Great Platforms Comes Great Responsibility

How do we prevent bad actors from using social media platforms to manipulate the public?


From Winning Games to Winning Customers: How Data Is Changing the Business Side of Sports

Sports analytics leaders are now using data to understand fans as well as they know their players.


Leveraging the Customer's Experience

The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Frontiers |

May 18, 2017 | Renée Richardson Gosline, Jeffrey Lee, and Glen Urban

New research finds that stories about consumers’ positive experiences with a brand significantly increase users’ engagement with brand websites, and stories originating from consumers are especially powerful in shaping brand attitudes in social media. Indeed, companies that aren’t offering experiences that leverage consumer input in brand-related narratives are missing out on important opportunities to connect in a meaningful way with potential buyers.


Online Retail

The Store Is Dead — Long Live the Store

At the same time that many traditional retailers are closing offline stores, digitally native vertical brands such as Bonobos and Warby Parker are aggressively expanding into offline locations. And both online and offline retailers are converging in experience-oriented “showrooms.”


Marketing With Analytics

Grow Your Customer Relationships With Analytics

February 23, 2018 | Sam Ransbotham

MIT SMR’s 2018 report “Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement” surveyed more than 1,800 managers and interviewed executives at global companies and found that better customer engagement is linked to superior use of data and analytics.


Marketing in the On-Demand Economy

Manufacturers Can Also Win in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy isn’t all bad news for manufacturers of big-ticket items such as cars. Research from Carnegie Mellon and UC Berkeley says that manufacturers will sometimes be able to charge higher prices to customers who are planning to rent out those goods. In a Q&A, one researcher says that when there’s heterogeneity in the market, meaning both a high-usage population and a low-usage population, circumstances are ripe for “a win-win-win for the borrower, the owner, and the manufacturer.”


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