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Customer Relationships Evolve — So Must Your CRM Strategy

Customers relationships evolve. Understanding how is the key to tailoring your CRM strategy.


The Right Way to Market to Millennials

To reach millennials, companies are turning to social media micro-influencers as brand ambassadors.


With Great Platforms Comes Great Responsibility

How do we prevent bad actors from using social media platforms to manipulate the public?


Keeping Your Customers Happy

Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

November 30, 2016 | Rebecca W. Hamilton, Roland T. Rust, and Chekitan S. Dev

Companies have an incentive to design goods and services with customer retention in mind. Unfortunately, they often add expensive features to their offerings without knowing whether or how much they will increase retention — and adding too many features can actually decrease customer satisfaction with products after customers have used them.

The Word-of-Mouth Factor

Pass the Word: Peer Influence Has Big Impact on Online Market Dynamics

A study of cryptocurrency markets provides some new insight into why people make the choices they do online. Crypto-currency traders used bots that executed over 100,000 small trades in 217 cryptocurrencies over the course of six months. Analysis reveals that traders are very susceptible to peer influences. The design of the online exchanges also appears to contribute to activity if functionality, graphical user interfaces, or application programming interfaces promote collective excitement.

The Power of Product Recommendation Networks

Frontiers |

Much as relationships in social networks have been analyzed to understand and influence how ideas flow among people, researchers wondered whether it might be possible to use the structure of product recommendation networks online to understand or influence how demand flows among products. The short answer is yes, and the implications for marketers are important.


Subscription Retail

How Analytics and AI Are Driving the Subscription E-Commerce Phenomenon

December 6, 2016 | Jay I. Sinha, Thomas Foscht, and Thomas T. Fung

Box subscription companies are growing dramatically, using a high level of personalization and artificial intelligence algorithms to keep customers satisfied and eager for more. Their astute use of social media and influence marketing has also contributed to their startling success.

Multi-Channel Marketing



Are You Delivering What the Customer Wants?

Why Great New Products Fail

Many innovative new products don’t succeed. One common reason: Companies don’t focus on understanding how customers make purchase decisions. But paying attention to how customers search for information about what to buy, and how they make guesses about details they can’t easily find, helps predict whether customers will embrace certain product innovations. Companies need to focus on innovations that customers will easily recognize or find ways to alert them to innovations they may not detect on their own.

Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization

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Thanks to emerging technologies like 3-D printing, manufacturers can offer consumers customized products and do so with unprecedented speed. Intrigued by a new product you saw in a YouTube video? Well, someday soon you may be able to personalize it, order it via the company’s website, and have it in your hands in a matter of days. But to enable this phenomenon at scale, an entirely new model of supply chain is required.