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Social Listening Is Revolutionizing New Product Development

Social listening — analyzing what consumers say on social media — can serve as a treasure hunt map.


Is Deep Learning a Game Changer for Marketing Analytics?

Companies already use data to make marketing decisions. Will deep learning enable a leap forward?


Digital Transformation Should Start With Customers

Major makeovers should benefit — and be noticed by — those who buy a company’s products and services.


The Magic That Makes Customer Experiences Stick

Research has shown that memorable experiences can drive customer decisions as much as price and functionality. Yet there have been few meaningful improvements in customer experience over time. The missing ingredient? Emotion. Customers want their choices to align as much with their feelings and senses as with their values and ethics. The rational approaches taught at most business schools — offer more value for money, add features, make service more efficient — are not enough.

Know Your Markets

The Big Data Problem That Market Research Must Fix

Insight into what customers really care about often is hampered by the quality of the information being collected. Big data can support smart market research, but only if researchers embrace psychometric best practices and the basics of understanding what it is they want to measure and how. That means asking the right questions, asking enough questions, understanding how to weigh questions, and taking into consideration how people felt about the brand to begin with.

Mastering the Market Intelligence Challenge

A shortage of reliable information is common in emerging markets. Because such markets are heterogeneous, the sources and methods for market intelligence require modification before they can be transferred from one emerging market to another. Market intelligence is thus best viewed and managed as a strategic asset that multinationals should invest in keeping up to date.


Get the Customer Involved



AI-Driven Customer Service

Designing AI Systems That Customers Won’t Hate

Though autonomous technology has a large and growing range of potential applications, it also may threaten users’ sense of autonomy and free will, or their belief that they can decide how to pursue their lives freely. But companies can create systems users don’t hate by protecting users’ autonomy, unpredictability, and privacy.

Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

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To win over skeptics, champions of AI-driven customer service need to show more benefits than just saving money. There are economic, technical, political, and cultural barriers that savvy managers must overcome in order to successfully integrate AI into their company’s customer service systems.


Twitter Is Not the Echo Chamber We Think It Is

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The popular perception of Twitter as a social media “echo chamber,” where people only receive and retweet opinions that match their own, does not reflect the data about users’ actual engagement. The average Twitter user propagates more mainstream content and follows a diverse group of users — and this has implications for social media marketing.