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The Innovator’s Legacy

In an Q&A with a longtime collaborator, Christensen offered reflections on his influential work.


Disruption 2020: An Interview With Clayton M. Christensen

Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovation offers insights in an age of big data and tech growth.


Eight Management Ideas to Embrace in the 2020s

Our experts reveal where leaders should focus their efforts in 2020 and beyond.


Social Listening Is Revolutionizing New Product Development

Social listening — analyzing what consumers say on social media — can serve as the map for a treasure hunt, allowing companies to tap into rich consumer insights in real time. Social listening is transforming how consumer product companies develop, market, and package their products to gain a competitive advantage — and we’re only just beginning to grasp the possibilities that machine learning advances will catalyze.

Management’s New Task

Education, Disrupted

Frontiers |

Facing sizable skills gaps in their current and future workforces, companies have stopped waiting for the traditional education system to supply the workers they need. Amazon, AT&T, and others have stepped in with their own solutions to fill those gaps. These companies may be shaping the future of not only their own workforces, but of yours as well.

The New Role for Managers in Workplace Learning

A recent survey found that managers do not as a rule encourage or enable employee learning. In the evolving skill-centered economy, that needs to change — but many companies simply have no process in place to support re-skilling and upskilling. Simply imposing an education plan for employees isn’t enough. Managers also need to support, encourage, offer feedback, and lead by example if employees are to gain needed skills that will benefit the company long term.


Technology’s Role in Innovation


A Culture of Creativity


Gender Diversity at the Board Level Can Mean Innovation Success

Recruiting women directors can pave the way for long-term support of innovation and creativity.


Spark Team Creativity by Embracing Uncertainty

Foster a creative culture by embracing the curious, the uncertain, and the unknown.


Closing the Innovation Achievement Gap

New research sheds light on key changes companies must make to become innovation leaders.



Responding to Disruption

How Vigilant Companies Gain an Edge in Turbulent Times

In fast-changing business environments, companies need to stay vigilant and watch for threats from both internal and external sources. The most vigilant companies use systematic approaches to determine where to look for — and how to explore — potential disruptions.

Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth

Many people have come to view disruption as a synonym for innovation. This single-minded focus leads companies to overlook an alternative path to growth: the nondisruptive creation of brand-new markets where none existed before. It’s time to embrace the idea that companies can create without destroying — and expand the conversation about the problems they can solve and the opportunities they can seize.