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How to Launch Products in Uncertain Markets

Before your next large-scale product launch, try leveraging uncertainty for competitive advantage.

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Why Companies Need a New Playbook to Succeed in the Digital Age

Companies need to think about how they can become a customer destination.


How Human-Computer ‘Superminds’ Are Redefining the Future of Work

As smart technologies embed deeper into human processes, a more powerful form of collaboration is emerging.


Facing Disruption Head-On

Three Signals Your Industry Is About to Be Disrupted

Frontiers |

Emerging technology and new business models have created new ways of serving customers and allowed digital leaders to disrupt traditional companies. Disruption rarely comes out of nowhere, however: There are common patterns to learn from and three major signals to recognize in evaluating the risk for your industry.

How to Thrive — and Survive — in a World of AI Disruption

Deep learning and neural networks have dramatically improved in effectiveness and impact, leading to human-level performance in many aspects of vision, conversational speech, and problem-solving. But there is a backlash brewing.


From R&D to Store Shelves


A Better Way to Bring Science to Market

Frontiers |

New markets for judgment bridge critical gaps between scientific breakthroughs and commercial markets.


Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships With Universities

Companies often struggle to establish and run university partnerships effectively.


R&D, Meet E&S (Experiment & Scale)

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Fast, iterative “virtual research centers” are edging out traditional approaches to R&D.


Is Your Approach to AI Realistic?

The Problem With AI Pilots

To deliver ROI and productivity, firms must overcome the barriers to implementing AI technology.

Rethink AI Objectives

Businesses should use AI technology as a tool to improve customer service and processes, not just to imitate humans.


Encouraging New Ideas


China’s Innovation Strategy

The Changing Face of Innovation in China

June 12, 2018 | Dan Prud’homme and Max von Zedtwitz

The art of bian lian — or “face changing” — is integral to Sichuan opera: A main character changes masks to avoid capture by foes. The transformation is quick and surprising, the new face clearly different. In the theater of business, Chinese performers are undergoing a rapid transformation of their own as they seek to evolve from backroom producers to the world’s leading face of innovation.