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How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords

The authors of The Business of Platforms outline the myths and pitfalls of platform strategy.


Learning to Love the AI Bubble

Frontiers |

Unlike the housing bubble, the effects of a bursting AI bubble wouldn’t cause great harm.


The First Law of Digital Innovation

Technology changes quickly, but organizations change much more slowly.


Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth

Many people have come to view disruption as a synonym for innovation. This single-minded focus leads companies to overlook an alternative path to growth: the nondisruptive creation of brand-new markets where none existed before. It’s time to embrace the idea that companies can create without destroying — and expand the conversation about the problems they can solve and the opportunities they can seize.

Bolstering Innovation


Four Ways to Get Your Innovation Unit to Work

When it comes to competing on innovation for companies, imitation rarely works.


Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative

To bolster innovation, use a growth-affirming innovation narrative supported by four proven levers.


Breaking Logjams in Knowledge Work

How organizations can improve task flow and prevent overload.


The Collaborative Imperative

Unleashing Innovation With Collaboration Platforms

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Digital collaboration platforms can leverage team diversity and expertise, but business must focus on how distributed teams orchestrate their collaboration and how leaders facilitate innovation. The specific collaboration platform you choose is less important.

The Art of Managing Complex Collaborations

The only way to move forward on society’s biggest challenges may be through consortiums. But it’s not easy to assemble such groups or to keep them together. The experiences of The Biomarkers Consortium, a nine-year-old public-private partnership in the health industry, presents five lessons in managing these kinds of complex collaborations. These lessons are useful for anyone trying to build consensus to address broad societal challenges among multiple stakeholders with both common and divergent interests.


Shaking Up the Status Quo

When Patients Become Innovators

Health care consumers are contributing their skills, money, and time to develop effective solutions.


New Manufacturing Models

Transforming Manufacturing and Supply Chains With 4D Printing

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Next on the horizon is 4D printing, an emerging technology that would allow managers to meet supply chain challenges with customized, adaptive, and potentially self-modulating equipment. Manufacturers should start considering how their infrastructure and supply chains might benefit from this technology as it unfolds.

The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

Although most manufacturers are beginning to flirt with digital technologies, not one has successfully pulled off a digital transformation. CEOs still have to figure out its art — and science — forcing them to draw up their game plans on the fly, which inevitably leads to tension and trauma. But they are learning. Here’s how GE has navigated its own digital transformation process.


A Perspective Change

Why Customer Experience Matters for B2B

February 1, 2019 | Suketu Gandhi, Alanna Klassen Jamjoum, and Conrad Heider

Few business websites offer features that simplify transactions, create deep customer relationships, and drive sales growth. To succeed, they need to personalize and customize their online selling process through high-performance technology and customer-centered business models.