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An Executive Guide to the Spring 2019 Issue

These summaries will help you navigate our Spring 2019 lineup.


When Patients Become Innovators

Health care consumers are contributing their skills, money, and time to develop effective solutions.


The Only Way Manufacturers Can Survive

For industrial manufacturers, digital transformation is the only way to stay alive.


Asia’s Innovation Powerhouse

Understanding China’s Next Wave of Innovation

In recent years, a handful of Chinese companies like Alibaba, Haier, and Tencent have garnered a lot of attention as they have emerged as global innovators. They are challenging the R&D strategies of foreign companies and offering lessons on how to make ideas commercially viable. But there’s another, less obvious force to be reckoned with in China: thousands of innovative companies that are quietly disrupting numerous industries and developing new products and new business models.

The Changing Face of Innovation in China

The art of bian lian — or “face changing” — is integral to Sichuan opera: A main character changes masks to avoid capture by foes. The transformation is quick and surprising, the new face clearly different. In the theater of business, Chinese performers are undergoing a rapid transformation of their own as they seek to evolve from backroom producers to the world’s leading face of innovation.


Nurturing Innovation


Interpreting the Signals

How to Read and Respond to Weak Digital Signals

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In the digital age, the competitive landscape can be transformed in the blink of an eye. Companies can use weak digital signals to help redefine their offerings and the scale and scope of how they compete. Companies that can’t do this in a timely manner put themselves at a competitive disadvantage because they must invest in additional resources to catch up.

Key Words for Digital Transformation

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By many rights, one might have expected to find Adobe on the register of companies disrupted by digital. And yet the 35-year-old software developer has persevered by embracing the very technological forces ― think cloud, mobile, platforms, IoT ― that could have meant its demise. The result? This legacy producer of packaged software designed for the desktop is thriving.


Cutting Edge Talent Management


Mapping Tom Brady’s Brain

Understanding how a QB processes information may hold the key to identifying future talent.


The Art of Balancing Autonomy and Control

Three strategies for setting the stage for innovation in your organization.


Is HR Missing the Point on Performance Feedback?

HR’s move away from traditional performance reviews is a mistake that will backfire.


Can We Really Test People for Potential?

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People are complex. We need a more nuanced approach to predicting job performance.

The Promise of Targeted Innovation

The biggest consumer goods companies shell out more than $1 billion a year for R&D but lately have seen no appreciable impact on their sales. That’s troubling for companies whose growth has leveled off in recent years. In contrast, some smaller competitors that spend less on R&D — but do so more shrewdly — have seen a significant boost in sales.