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How Shared Responsibility Can Shape a Compelling Vision

High-performing teams feel a sense of shared responsibility for creating the world they envision.


What Tech Pioneers Can Learn From Emerging Markets

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Developing-world entrepreneurs need to build networks that compensate for weak public institutions.


Making Corporate Venture Capital Work

The worlds of venture capitalism and corporate investing are not always easy to combine.


Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

In the 2019 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte’s survey analysis and executive interviews unveil the distinctive characteristics of innovation in digitally maturing organizations. Ecosystems and cross-functional teams allow them to be agile, but this increased agility demands a thorough consideration of governance as well.

Thinking Outside the Box


Where China Is Leading the Mobility Revolution

China is taking the lead on developing new technology focused on mobility.


How a Group of NASA Renegades Transformed Mission Control

Lessons on how to balance efficiency and innovation from NASA’s rebel innovators.


When Patients Become Innovators

Health care consumers are contributing their skills, money, and time to develop effective solutions.


Transforming Manufacturing and Supply Chains With 4D Printing

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The next transformative emerging technology could be 4D printing.

Innovation and Growth

Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative

Companies aspiring to organic growth leadership in their industries should start with a coherent, affirming innovation narrative and reinforce it with action. The authors tested 18 well-known innovation levers and identified the four that organic growth leaders use most to stay ahead of competitors: (1) invest in innovation talent, (2) encourage prudent risk-taking, (3) adopt a customer-centric innovation process, and (4) align metrics and recognition with innovation activity.

Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth

Many people have come to view disruption as a synonym for innovation. This single-minded focus leads companies to overlook an alternative path to growth: the nondisruptive creation of brand-new markets where none existed before. It’s time to embrace the idea that companies can create without destroying — and expand the conversation about the problems they can solve and the opportunities they can seize.



Digital Innovation


Platform-Centered Innovation Strategy

Unleashing Innovation With Collaboration Platforms

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Digital collaboration platforms can leverage team diversity and expertise, but business must focus on how distributed teams orchestrate their collaboration and how leaders facilitate innovation. The specific collaboration platform you choose is less important.

How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords

The most valuable companies in the world have harnessed platforms’ power to achieve rapid growth and market dominance. But as these platforms have grown in size and scale, the opportunity for abuse has become very real — while profitability isn’t coming easily even for successful platforms. In an interview with MIT SMR, the authors of The Business of Platforms bust the myths and outline the pitfalls of platform strategy.


Assessing the Space Race

Space: The Final Economic Frontier?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at the space economy, which some estimate could reach $1 trillion in 20 years. We asked our panel of strategy experts to evaluate whether commercial activity in space will see a boon in the next decade, or if this bet on the final frontier is off the mark.