Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy


The Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy initiative explores the growing use of artificial intelligence in the business landscape. The exploration looks specifically at how AI is affecting the development and execution of strategy in organizations.

The initiative researches and reports on how AI is spurring workforce change, data management, privacy, cross-entity collaboration, and generating new ethical challenges for business. It looks at new risks and threats in dependency, job loss, and security. And it seeks to help managers understand and act on the tremendous opportunity from the combination of human and machine intelligence.

Research and analysis for the initiative is in collaboration with and sponsored by Boston Consulting Group.

Featured Ideas

Artificial intelliegence chat bot technology

Rethink AI Objectives

Using AI to create humanlike computers is a shortsighted goal.

Robotic playing chess with human

AI and the ‘Augmentation’ Fallacy

The fundamental disruption introduced by AlphaZero’s hyperlearning in the chess world can teach business executives about AI.


How Organizations Will Produce in an Autonomous Future

Can AI-enabled automation replace your company’s entire labor force?


Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Supercharge Bad Processes

When artificial intelligence is used to expedite certain legacy processes, it can act more like a Band-Aid than a cure.


The 2017 Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy Report

Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence

September 6, 2017 | Sam Ransbotham, David Kiron, Philipp Gerbert, and Martin Reeves

Disruption from artificial intelligence (AI) is here, but many company leaders aren’t sure what to expect from AI or how it fits into their business model. Yet with change coming at breakneck speed, the time to identify your company’s AI strategy is now. MIT Sloan Management Review has partnered with The Boston Consulting Group to provide baseline information on the strategies used by companies leading in AI, the prospects for its growth, and the steps executives need to take to develop a strategy for their business.

From Elsewhere at MIT SMR

RPA Robotic progress automatisation concept illustration. Human vs Robot.

Want the Best Results From AI? Ask a Human

Frontiers |

Deploying AI is very different from implementing standard software — and human input is essential.

RPA Robotic progress automatisation concept illustration. Human vs Robot. Robot pointing the right direction for business development

What’s Your Cognitive Strategy?

Frontiers |

While executives agree that cognitive technologies are a disruptive force, few companies have a strategy to address them.


The Quest to Create Utterly Normal Virtual Reality Experiences

Frontiers |

VR is being used for job training, but it also has the potential to reduce our need to commute.


The Risk of Machine-Learning Bias (and How to Prevent It)

Frontiers |

Machine learning is susceptible to unintended biases that require careful planning to avoid.

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