Winning With AI

AI promises rewards but also comes with risks ― namely, that competitors figure out how to successfully use it before you do. This year’s 2019 MIT SMR-BCG Artificial Intelligence Global Executive Study and Research Report shows early AI winners are focused on organization-wide alignment, investment, and integration.


Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Leveling the Startup Playing Field

How Algorithms Can Diversify the Startup Pool

Biases related to gender and other demographic factors creep into decisions about which projects to fund with venture capital. Data-driven approaches can help tease out those biases and limit their impact. Algorithmic methods identify potential instances of discrimination and increase transparency, making it easier to find and fix problems. Aversion to algorithms can be tempered by letting decision makers retain some subjective control over the data-driven process.

Pathways to Progress for Women Entrepreneurs

The hidden obstacle to women who want to found B2B startups is often rooted in the way they are mentored and advised in the business world. Where men are more often coached in strategy and business tactics, women are more likely to be taught how to avoid internal politics and “fit in” culturally. This difference in mentoring leaves women at a disadvantage with respect to entrepreneurship.


Who Needs a Skills Upgrade?



A Culture of Leadership

The Benefits of Framing Culture as a Management System

Culture plays a critical role in company success — but many business leaders don’t really understand what culture means. It helps to think of corporate culture as a management system that guides the assumptions, values, and beliefs at the heart of the organization.

The Power of a Clear Leadership Narrative

The most important skill an effective leader can have is the ability to articulate a clear sense of purpose, vision, and strategy. Creating a powerful narrative that expresses your beliefs and passions will help you unite individuals into teams, and teams into amazing communities.



The Best of This Week

This week’s must-reads for managing in the digital age: Figuring out how to make AI work for you; the obstacles facing women early in their careers; the pitfalls of a transparent world; how CIOs evolve into technology strategists.

Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast

Front Office, Disrupted

Innovations from the front office are keeping fans engaged and disrupting the staid order in sports.

Information Overload?

As sports become ever more analytical, can there be such a thing as too much data?

Talent Versus Teamwork

Counterpoints looks at whether analytics can quantify team chemistry.

Behold the Big Man

Defensive analytics are shaping how NBA basketball strategy is evolving.