Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Analytics and Customer Relationships

Grow Your Customer Relationships With Analytics

February 23, 2018 | Sam Ransbotham

MIT SMR’s 2018 report “Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement” surveyed more than 1,800 managers and interviewed executives at global companies and found that better customer engagement is linked to superior use of data and analytics.

What Is Your Goal-Setting Process?

When SMART Goals Are Not So Smart

The traditional “SMART” approach to goal setting may no longer offer companies the best path forward. In a continually changing competitive environment, companies should develop their goals in the context of current conditions.


Securing Your Systems



Managing Employee Performance


Is HR Missing the Point on Performance Feedback?

HR’s move away from traditional performance reviews is a mistake that will backfire.


The Missing Piece in Employee Development

Companies want managers to help employees develop and improve — but many managers don’t know how.


Helping Employees Improve Performance

The key for managers is less emphasis on how they rate employees and more on how they talk about performance improvement.


I Come to Praise the Annual Performance Conversation, Not Further Bury It

The choice between frequent performance coaching and annual reviews need not be a choice at all.

Skillsets for the Digital Economy

The Time for Retraining Is Now

None of us know how our technological future will unfold. But whether there will be a net increase or decrease in jobs overall, it’s clear that these will be different jobs, requiring different skill sets. We need to act now to enable current employers and employees to gain the skills they are going to need in the brave world of AI technology.

Who’s Building the Infrastructure for Lifelong Learning?

Current trends in both human longevity and technological innovation raise the possibility of people living until 100 and working until they are 80. It’s clear that much will have to change — both in how people understand and anticipate the evolving nature of work, and how they then respond. Providing access to lifelong learning demands a complex system involving stakeholders in education, government, and the corporate world.



Creating Sustainable Value

How Long-Term Investors Influence Corporate Behavior

March 23, 2018 | Brian Tomlinson

The investor community increasingly demands that companies share their long-term plans, which they can orient around growth, strategy, and acknowledgment of risks.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy