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The must-reads MIT SMR editors are reading this week, including: How working couples are hacking inequality at home, the future of work won’t be utopian, and why you should kill your favorite meeting.


Exploring the Digital Future of Management

The AI Fear Factor

The Regulation of AI — Should Organizations Be Worried?

As companies pour resources into designing the next generation of tools and products powered by AI, many are failing to simultaneously examine the question of who is ethically and legally responsible for the societal backlash if these systems go awry. Over 80% of Americans now believe that robots and/or AI should be carefully managed. Because there are no clear-cut answers or solutions, the talk of regulations — and, more lightly, standards — is getting louder.

High-Profile Jitters Over AI

Frontiers |

As AI finds its way into more and more facets of modern life, we need clear systems for keeping it in check. Leaders should consider how it will affect the ways people think and interact with each other — and, more worrisome, how it will affect civilization.



The Role of a Leader


The Magic That Makes Customer Experiences Stick

Research has shown that memorable experiences can drive customer decisions as much as price and functionality. Yet there have been few meaningful improvements in customer experience over time. The missing ingredient? Emotion. Customers want their choices to align as much with their feelings and senses as with their values and ethics. The rational approaches taught at most business schools — offer more value for money, add features, make service more efficient — are not enough.


Closing the Gender Gap

Pathways to Progress for Women Entrepreneurs

The hidden obstacle to women who want to found B2B startups is often rooted in the way they are mentored and advised in the business world. Where men are more often coached in strategy and business tactics, women are more likely to be taught how to avoid internal politics and “fit in” culturally. This difference in mentoring leaves women at a disadvantage with respect to entrepreneurship.

Do Men Know More About Salaries?

When it comes to salary transparency, one widely held belief is that women have a harder time collecting salary information than men. While some research suggests this may be true in some cases, collective research has not tackled a fundamental question: Are female employees truly less informed about salaries, or is this just a stereotype?


Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast

Information Overload?

As sports become ever more analytical, can there be such a thing as too much data?

Talent Versus Teamwork

Counterpoints looks at whether analytics can quantify team chemistry.

Behold the Big Man

Defensive analytics are shaping how NBA basketball strategy is evolving.