Special Report: Making Good on the Promise of AI


People and Machines: Partners in Innovation

To adopt intelligent technologies, companies need to develop both the right tools and human capital.


Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

Five capabilities and four practices help companies generate business value from AI applications.


AI Can Help Us Live More Deliberately

Cognitive speed bumps in AI design can prompt users to engage in reflective thought.


Strategy For and With AI

AI can help you choose, measure, and prioritize the KPIs informing your strategy.

“Making Good on the Promise of AI”

This MIT Sloan Management Review Special Report, “Making Good on the Promise of AI”, takes a closer look at the issues companies need to address if they’re to reap the benefits of cognitive technologies — and avoid their downsides. (Registration required.)


Making Good on the Promise of AI - PDF


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Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Agile Is Not Enough

Three impediments in particular work against agile adoption in most organizations.

Learning to Love the AI Bubble

Unlike the housing bubble, the effects of a bursting AI bubble wouldn’t cause great harm.

The 2019 Digital Business Report

Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

June 4, 2019 | Gerald C. Kane, Doug Palmer, Anh Nguyen Phillips, David Kiron, and Natasha Buckley

In the 2019 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte’s survey analysis and executive interviews unveil the distinctive characteristics of innovation in digitally maturing organizations. Ecosystems and cross-functional teams allow them to be agile, but this increased agility demands a thorough consideration of governance as well.

What’s Next for China?

Where China Is Leading the Mobility Revolution

China is shaking off its reputation for “copycatting” and establishing itself as a digital leader. One of the key areas where it’s moving ahead of the U.S. and Europe is transportation. China has made strides in electronic and autonomous vehicles as well as high-speed rail in recent years — and its most important development has been to transform itself into an innovation-focused, entrepreneurial hub of technical prowess.

If China Reaches 5G First, How Will Countries Compete?

This month’s MIT SMR Strategy Forum poll looks at the global race to deploy 5G — next-generation internet connectivity — which has several countries pitted against each other. We asked our panel of strategy experts to examine the competitive scenario if China were to achieve a 5G rollout first.


Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast



Solid Career Advice

Five Strategies for Investing in Your Career

Whether you are a long-tenured leader in your organization, a new manager, or an individual contributor with rising responsibilities, it’s always valuable to take stock of your career path and make investments for the future. These five strategies offer practical steps for motivated employees looking to stay ahead of the pack.


Older and Wiser? How Management Style Varies With Age

The starting point for managing age diversity is to develop a basic understanding of cross-age differences in working style. The authors found that management style varied more with age than with any other characteristic in their survey. Younger managers prefer narrower approaches to management, while older ones tend to work through others and focus on the big picture. Being attuned to style differences can make it easier for individuals to navigate their working relationships effectively.