Exploring the Digital Future of Management

CIOs and the Future of IT

For digital success, CIOs must oversee all of IT, collaborating with marketers and business units.

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Challenge Your Thinking

How to Test Your Assumptions

December 6, 2017 | Jon Fjeld

When you’re developing a strategy for a new business, testing assumptions in your plan in a logical order gives you the best chance to make course corrections early — and not waste time and money.

How Work Itself Is Changing

Planning for the Future of Work

It’s not going to be enough to identify what jobs will be still be available to humans once computers expand their repertoire. We have to reimagine work altogether.

When Jobs Become Commodities

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Most of us view our jobs as specialized or somehow differentiated, but the world of business and management increasingly feels otherwise. For many organizations today, the next big driver of job commoditization is automation driven by smart machines. Simply put, if a job is viewed as a commodity, it won’t be long before it’s automated. The key for workers whose jobs have traditionally seemed safe: Highlight the tasks that require a human touch.


The Leading Edge



Making Partnerships More Effective

We Must Rescue ‘Win-Win’ From Its Buzzword Status

December 1, 2017 | Amit S. Mukherjee

Companies tend to compete not as individual entities, but as members of networks — which makes collaboration a strategic necessity, not merely a tactical choice. But while many executives say they want win-win solutions, in reality, they usually seek victories that don’t excessively annoy their counterparts. In other words, “win/no-lose” is a more accurate description.

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“The Fine Line Between Service and Privacy”

Digital technology creates unprecedented opportunities to connect with and serve your customers — but the dark side is the equally unprecedented risk posed by cyber thieves. This collection of articles from MIT SMR highlights what companies can do to take advantage of the opportunity while limiting risk for both the organization and its customers. (Registration required.)



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