Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Collaborating With Machine Minds

How Human-Computer ‘Superminds’ Are Redefining the Future of Work

May 21, 2018 | Thomas W. Malone

Virtually all human achievements have been made by groups of people, not lone individuals. As we incorporate smart technologies further into traditionally human processes, an even more powerful form of collaboration is emerging.

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“Big Data Is Driving New Opportunity”

Digital transformation comes in many forms. New technologies are not only changing the services and products companies can provide, but also how companies provide them, and how they do business with one another. The three articles in this collection provide guidance on how companies can explore opportunities for growth, whether it be through new processes, products, or applications. (Registration required.)

Competitive Edge


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Securing Your Data


Making Innovation Happen

Building the Right Ecosystem for Innovation

As digital disruption expands, many legacy businesses seek partnerships with tech companies to maintain competitiveness in the digital sphere. But instead of a centralized “hub” partnership, some companies find greater success through an adaptive ecosystem model, where partners develop significant projects or innovations together. This type of strategy requires imagination and flexibility.

If You Cut Employees Some Slack, Will They Innovate?

Giving people time and resources to pursue innovation projects can produce extraordinary outcomes — but only if you match your “slack strategy” to employee type. The authors found that different types of employees respond in different ways to slack innovation programs; that different kinds of slack resources are better suited to certain types of employees than others; and that different kinds of slack innovation programs produce different kinds of innovation.


Skip the Test Phase

Implement First, Ask Questions Later (or Not at All)

Frontiers |

April 13, 2018 | Stephen J. Andriole

Companies used to spend years clarifying business requirements before they would even think of launching new software. Today, cheaper cloud-based apps mean that implementation decisions are made on the fly — and there’s no going back.


Getting Results from AI

Robotic playing chess with human

AI and the ‘Augmentation’ Fallacy

The fundamental disruption introduced by AlphaZero’s hyperlearning in the chess world can teach business executives about AI.

Artificial intelliegence chat bot technology

Rethink AI Objectives

Using AI to create humanlike computers is a shortsighted goal.

RPA Robotic progress automatisation concept illustration. Human vs Robot.

Want the Best Results From AI? Ask a Human

Frontiers |

Deploying AI is very different from implementing standard software — and human input is essential.


Five Strategies for Getting the Most From AI

This MIT SMR webinar offers strategies for how to get the most out of AI’s potential.

The Digital Supply Chain

Can Your Supply Chain Hear Me Now?

Frontiers |

As conversational commerce becomes embedded into company operations, it has the potential to bring supply chains closer to customers, employees, and senior management.

Beyond the Speed-Price Trade-Off

Frontiers |

In response to increasing consumer demands for faster deliveries without added cost, more companies are implementing IT solutions that enable access to real-time sales data and inventory data across the whole enterprise. Real-time sales and inventory information, coupled with advanced analytics enables networks to accommodate fluctuations and changes in the business environment quickly, a quality the authors call distribution agility.


Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy