Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Learning to Love the AI Bubble

Unlike the housing bubble, the effects of a bursting AI bubble wouldn’t cause great harm.

Agile Is Not Enough

Three impediments in particular work against agile adoption in most organizations.

Special Report: Making Good on the Promise of AI


Strategy For and With AI

AI can help you choose, measure, and prioritize the KPIs informing your strategy.


People and Machines: Partners in Innovation

To adopt intelligent technologies, companies need to develop both the right tools and human capital.


AI Can Help Us Live More Deliberately

Cognitive speed bumps in AI design can prompt users to engage in reflective thought.


Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

Five capabilities and four practices help companies generate business value from AI applications.

“Cloud’s Power in Convergence”

This collection of MIT SMR articles offers insights into how cloud computing, machine learning, and AI are converging to produce even greater value for organizations. (Registration required.)

Articles included in this collection:

Digital Transformation Opens New Questions — and New Problems to Solve
By Hal Gregersen

Demystifying Data Monetization
By Suketu Gandhi, Bharath Thota, Renata Kuchembuck, and Joshua Swartz

What Cloud Localization Means for Organizations
By Ritesh Ramesh

Cloud’s Power in Convergence - PDF


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Managing Your Career



Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast

Behold the Big Man

Defensive analytics are shaping how NBA basketball strategy is evolving.


Searching for Skills

New Frontiers in Re-skilling and Upskilling

Everyone at some point will have to spend time either reskilling (learning new skills for a new position) or upskilling (learning current tasks more deeply). Embracing this idea requires an individual sense of agency, but corporations also have to step up. There are promising pilots underway: Some companies are figuring out how to engage on this issue, to the advantage of both individuals and the businesses themselves.

The Plight of the Graying Tech Worker

Frontiers |

High-skilled immigration is dramatically transforming the tech sector in the United States. U.S. tech workers over age 40 have good reasons to be concerned. In addition to competing with greater numbers of skilled foreign workers, older tech workers are now also more likely than younger workers to lose their jobs when technical work moves overseas.


Accelerating Digital Innovation Inside and Out

In the 2019 Digital Business Report, MIT SMR and Deloitte’s survey analysis and executive interviews unveil the distinctive characteristics of innovation in digitally maturing organizations. Ecosystems and cross-functional teams allow them to be agile, but this increased agility demands a thorough consideration of governance as well.