Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Performance Management for Successful Teams

A webinar featuring ADP chief behavioral economist Jordan Birnbaum describes how data-based performance management can be used to improve the organization.

Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast


Improving Customer Service


Make Your Communication Technology Work for Customers

Organizations must become more strategic about their tech investments to better serve customers.


How Should Companies Talk to Customers Online?

Digital customer service platforms offer better service when they use customer-centric language.


Why Customer Experience Matters for B2B

Customer-focused design is core for successful B2B e-commerce.



Managing Virtual Teams

How to Create Belonging for Remote Workers

Feeling a sense of belonging, which is when we feel safe and valued for embracing what makes us different, makes us happier and more productive. Not belonging, on the other hand, is among the strongest predictors of turnover. This issue can be exacerbated for remote employees, who don’t benefit from the same in-person, day-to-day interactions their colleagues have.

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

Frontiers |

If you think sophisticated communication technologies are the ticket to your virtual team’s success, think again. It’s not the tech that matters — it’s how people use it. New research reveals five strategies for conquering distance and improving communication and performance in dispersed teams. The same strategies can help colocated teams, which depend increasingly on virtual collaboration tools to get work done.


“Innovating for Sales Growth”

This collection of MIT SMR articles delves into how to grow revenue organically through innovation. (Registration required.)

Articles included in this collection:

Grow Faster by Changing Your Innovation Narrative
By George S. Day and Gregory P. Shea

Key Words for Digital Transformation
By Shantanu Narayen, interviewed by Paul Michelman

The Promise of Targeted Innovation
By Marcel Corstjens, Gregory S. Carpenter, and Tushmit M. Hasan

Innovating for Sales Growth - PDF

MIT Innovation

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Business In the Cloud

IBM’s New Battle in the Cloud

Frontiers |

Just a few years back, IBM was betting the farm on artificial intelligence with Watson. But with its recent acquisition of Red Hat, IBM has now turned its attention to cloud computing and infrastructure in a strategic move that may have long-term impact in the software industry.

What Cloud Localization Means for Organizations

Frontiers |

In the world of cloud computing, the spotlight has mostly been on cloud providers and their ability to help organizations digitally transform. With new scrutiny around data localization and privacy, enterprises must consider localization impacts on their cloud computing strategy as they invest and innovate with emerging technologies.



What’s Driving AI Investment?

Why Fear of Disruption Is Driving Investment in AI

January 25, 2019 | Randy Bean

According to a 2019 NewVantage Partners survey, fear of being disrupted is a leading factor for executives making heavy investments in AI and big data. While many are already seeing measurable results, companies that invest in their people and processes in tandem with technology may see the highest adoption.