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Duped by Data

A series of small errors in data can lead to major mistakes.


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Boards and Governance

The Downside to Full Board Independence

November 29, 2016 | Olubunmi Faleye

High-profile accounting and corporate governance scandals have resulted in significant changes in the structure of corporate boards of directors, in particular the development of independent boards in which the CEO is the only employee director. The downside: Independent board members may not understand the business well enough to make optimal strategic decisions.

Analytics and Human Resources

Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics?

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Companies have yet to apply analytics to human resources — but that’s about to change. And lessons learned in applying analytics to customer-focused areas can help avoid mistakes in strategic workforce decisions.

Achieving Meritocracy in the Workplace

Rewarding employees based on merit can be more difficult than it first appears. Even efforts to reduce bias can backfire; disparities in raises and bonuses by gender, racial, and other characteristics persist in today’s organizations not only despite management’s attempts to reduce them but also because of such efforts. The author describes how a simple analytics-based approach can address these concerns and produce a truly meritocratic workplace.


Developing Innovative New Products

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As their markets change, businesses need a strong pipeline of innovative new products and services. Open access to these three MIT Sloan Management Review articles about new product development is provided courtesy of PwC.


Why Great New Products Fail

Companies often don’t focus enough on understanding how customers decide what to purchase.


Marketing and Customer Retention


Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

Product features designed to attract new customers differ from features that retain customers.


When Customers Become Fans

Smartphone maker Xiaomi cultivates user pride through user-centered and open innovation.


Turning Content Viewers Into Subscribers

Content websites can convert visitors to paying customers by engaging them in a “ladder of participation.”


Do You Have a Conversational Interface?

Companies can position themselves now to use messaging platforms and AI to fulfill customer needs.

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

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Organizations have begun to capture, create and use data in ways that are changing how we work and live. These in-depth case studies describe organizations tackling the opportunities and challenges associated with becoming a data-driven organization.


GE’s Big Bet on Data and Analytics

An MIT SMR case study looks at how GE is remaking itself from a traditional manufacturer into a leader of the Industrial Internet.


Career Management

What Makes Work Meaningful — Or Meaningless

When employees find their work meaningful, there are myriad benefits for their productivity — and for their employers. Managers who support meaningful work are more likely to attract, retain, and motivate the talent they need to ensure future growth. But can companies ensure this experience for their employees? A groundbreaking study identifies five factors that support meaningful work — and the seven management sins that can destroy it.

Please Go Away (and Spend More Time Somewhere Else)

Rapid changes at all levels of society and technology are upon us. Seemingly stable business and social environments aren’t immune. Whether it’s technology, policy, or broader socioeconomic forces, the transformation of your organization and your role in it are all but inevitable. One suggestion for responding: Get outside your standard routine and engage with the changes.