Exploring the Digital Future of Management

CIOs and the Future of IT

For digital success, CIOs must oversee all of IT, collaborating with marketers and business units.

Developing Corporate Strategy

Four Logics of Corporate Strategy

November 13, 2017 | Donald Sull, Stefano Turconi, Charles Sull, and James Yoder

Organizations often struggle with corporate strategy because executives lack clarity on how the parts of the corporation fit together. Without a shared understanding of the relationships between headquarters and business units, executives risk talking past one another when discussing strategy.

Jump-Starting Innovation


Winning With Open Process Innovation

Many manufacturers can benefit from sharing process innovations rather than keeping them secret.


How to Catalyze Innovation in Your Organization

Executives can foster innovation by understanding and tapping the power of employee networks.


Harnessing the Secret Structure of Innovation

Innovation success is the result of a deliberate search using key information signals.


Developing Innovative Solutions Through Internal Crowdsourcing

If managed well, internal crowdsourcing initiatives can open up a rich source of innovation.

Expanding Leaders’ Horizons

The Five Steps All Leaders Must Take in the Age of Uncertainty

Leaders need a new mental model to better understand the complex interplay between companies, economies, and societies. To do so, they must shift their focus to the broader business and social ecosystems in which their companies are embedded.

What CEOs Get Wrong About Vision and How to Get It Right

Many executives don’t understand how to craft a compelling vision for change that will gain widespread commitment within their organization. Leaders should start by asking themselves: What will people see, hear, and feel once the changes have been achieved?


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