Exploring the Digital Future of Management

Why Teams Still Need Leaders

While hierarchy can impede innovation, handled well it can provide important benefits.

Special Report: Collaborating With Impact


How to (Inadvertently) Sabotage Your Organization

A secret, pre-CIA field manual for sabotaging enemy organizations identified two ways of undermining an organization: physical damage to equipment, facilities, transportation, and means of production; and human obstruction of processes. On the human side, we’re as vulnerable today as we were back then.

The Economy’s Dark Side

Casting the Dark Web in a New Light

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and impact. Defending against them requires a new perspective on the attacks and the attackers. By applying a value chain lens to the problem, we can better understand the dark web as an ecosystem in which well-orchestrated attacks are assembled by entrepreneurs and supported by well-organized service offerings. This casts new light on the dark web and suggests more effective and proactive responses to cyberattacks.

‘Just Enough’ Piracy Can Be a Good Thing

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When piracy is rampant, its negative impact makes manufacturers and retailers worse off — but anti-piracy measures are often expensive. Before going full force against piracy, organizations should ponder whether doing so would be a worthwhile investment. One factor to consider: Research shows that a moderate level of piracy — not too much, not too little — can actually benefit the manufacturer, the retailer, and consumers, all at the same time.



Eliminating Entrepreneurial Roadblocks

How Algorithms Can Diversify the Startup Pool

Biases related to gender and other demographic factors creep into decisions about which projects to fund with venture capital. Data-driven approaches can help tease out those biases and limit their impact. Algorithmic methods identify potential instances of discrimination and increase transparency, making it easier to find and fix problems. Aversion to algorithms can be tempered by letting decision makers retain some subjective control over the data-driven process.

Pathways to Progress for Women Entrepreneurs

The hidden obstacle to women who want to found B2B startups is often rooted in the way they are mentored and advised in the business world. Where men are more often coached in strategy and business tactics, women are more likely to be taught how to avoid internal politics and “fit in” culturally. This difference in mentoring leaves women at a disadvantage with respect to entrepreneurship.



The Best of This Week

This week’s must-reads for managing in a digital age: How to sabotage your company, AI passes eighth grade and what that means for businesses, and give your customers what they want — sometimes.

Counterpoints: The Sports Analytics Podcast

Information Overload?

As sports become ever more analytical, can there be such a thing as too much data?

Talent Versus Teamwork

Counterpoints looks at whether analytics can quantify team chemistry.

Behold the Big Man

Defensive analytics are shaping how NBA basketball strategy is evolving.