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“The Human-AI Partnership for Better Customer Experience”

This collection of MIT SMR articles discusses why companies must carefully think through their AI strategy and decide what their goals and expectations are for both AI and human workers if they’re to optimize customer experience. (Registration required.)

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Learning to Love the Customer Service Bot

Designing AI Systems That Customers Won’t Hate

Though autonomous technology has a large and growing range of potential applications, it also may threaten users’ sense of autonomy and free will, or their belief that they can decide how to pursue their lives freely. But companies can create systems users don’t hate by protecting users’ autonomy, unpredictability, and privacy.

Four Challenges to Overcome for AI-Driven Customer Experience

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To win over skeptics, champions of AI-driven customer service need to show more benefits than just saving money. There are economic, technical, political, and cultural barriers that savvy managers must overcome in order to successfully integrate AI into their company’s customer service systems.


Getting From Data to Impact

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Building great data and analytic models is a first step toward analytically driven decision making. But putting analytics applications into operation is a challenge. Open access to these three articles from MIT Sloan Management Review about operationalizing analytics is provided courtesy of SAS.

What to Expect From Agile

What happens when a large, established bank decides to adopt agile as a management model?


Social Listening Is Revolutionizing New Product Development

Social listening — analyzing what consumers say on social media — can serve as the map for a treasure hunt, allowing companies to tap into rich consumer insights in real time. Social listening is transforming how consumer product companies develop, market, and package their products to gain a competitive advantage — and we’re only just beginning to grasp the possibilities that machine learning advances will catalyze.


Leveling the Playing Field



The Innovative Team

Spark Team Creativity by Embracing Uncertainty

Focusing on getting the creative process just right can hamper your team’s innovation. Instead, understand your motivation, encourage creative tension, and welcome unexpected contributions to help you foster a creative culture, navigate uncertainty, and embrace the curious and the unknown.

The Art of Balancing Autonomy and Control

The world of hackathons brings the study of balancing high-speed, creative autonomy and administrative control to bear in many interesting ways for managers across different industries.


Three Big Points

Three Big Points is the podcast you need to stay at the top of your game as a business leader. This short podcast presents mold-breaking ideas from leading academics, researchers, and executives who are blazing new trails in today’s continually changing, technology-fueled world. Three Big Points is hosted by MIT SMR’s editor in chief Paul Michelman.

Every Number Tells a Story

No matter how compelling it seems, data alone won’t win people over unless infused with a story.