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Pushing Back on Pervasive Technology

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Technology has made our lives incomparably better but also constitutes one of our biggest threats.


A Shared Passion for Place Can Make a Business More Resilient

Leaders who establish broad ties to their communities have deeper resources in times of hardship.


Self-Reports Spur Self-Reflection

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The act of answering survey questions can increase awareness, which opens the door to development.


Making Strategic Decisions

A Structured Approach to Strategic Decisions

March 4, 2019 | Daniel Kahneman, Dan Lovallo, and Olivier Sibony

Many decisions about strategy require that senior executives make evaluative judgments on the basis of extensive, complex information. Such work is prone to common errors, but a disciplined, sequential approach can mitigate those errors and improve the quality of both one-off and recurrent decisions in an array of business domains. The process described in this article is easy to learn, involves little additional work, and (within limits) leaves room for intuition.

Managing Distributed Teams

How to Create Belonging for Remote Workers

Feeling a sense of belonging, which is when we feel safe and valued for embracing what makes us different, makes us happier and more productive. Not belonging, on the other hand, is among the strongest predictors of turnover. This issue can be exacerbated for remote employees, who don’t benefit from the same in-person, day-to-day interactions their colleagues have.

Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

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If you think sophisticated communication technologies are the ticket to your virtual team’s success, think again. It’s not the tech that matters — it’s how people use it. New research reveals five strategies for conquering distance and improving communication and performance in dispersed teams. The same strategies can help colocated teams, which depend increasingly on virtual collaboration tools to get work done.


Strategic Reskilling


Getting Your Employees Ready for Work in the Age of AI

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How can companies and employees find common ground when it comes to skill development for AI?


The Time for Retraining Is Now

The employment landscape is rapidly changing, demanding that employees build new skill sets.


Preparing for the Coming Skill Shifts

One key strategy for AI success: retraining employees to have the skills your company will need.


Career Management Isn’t Just the Employee’s Job

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Organizations can use analytics to help employees chart a path for growth and advancement.

Leadership Lessons From Pro Sports

Mapping Tom Brady’s Brain

Understanding how a QB processes information may hold the key to identifying future talent.



Future of Work

Research on the ever-changing nature of leadership looks at the evolving mindsets and skills executives need to keep pace with changes in our fast-evolving world. Through a series of regular blogs and a forthcoming report and interactive experience, the research focuses on the specific attitudes and behaviors that distinguish the best leaders.

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Increasing Workforce Diversity


Using Artificial Intelligence to Promote Diversity

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What if, instead of perpetuating harmful biases, AI helped us overcome them?


How to Lead the Charge With Gender Balance

Research abounds on the complex challenges women face in the modern corporate landscape.


The Trouble With Homogeneous Teams

Research finds that teams lacking diversity may be more susceptible to making flawed decisions.