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The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, leaders need to change their attitudes and beliefs about what leadership looks and feels like if they want to produce behavior change that lasts over time.


Gender Diversity at the Board Level Can Mean Innovation Success

Recruiting women directors can pave the way for long-term support of innovation and creativity.


Join Our Twitter Chat: Communicating Digitally and Visually

This #MITSMRChat is a discussion about virtual and visual communications.


A Page From the New Leadership Playbook

Research from MIT Sloan Management Review and Cognizant finds leadership behaviors fall into three categories: eroding, enduring, and emerging. Together, enduring and emerging behaviors are essential elements of the new leadership playbook

Facing the Future of Work

The Future of Work in Developing Economies

Frontiers |

Countries facing the greatest risk from automation are those that have labor economies in which many jobs involve manual or routine tasks that can be easily automated. Analyzing occupations in terms of their component parts provides a much richer way of looking at jobs than estimating the effects of automation more broadly.

Reframing the Future of Work

By reframing current future of work efforts to encompass the broader understanding of the opportunities ahead, leaders can better define the series of stages and initiatives that will make up the journey.


Eight Management Ideas to Embrace in the 2020s

As technology and society continue to rapidly transform, it can also be overwhelming for managers and organizations to think about what to tackle next. With that in mind, we asked recent expert authors what is one critical area where leaders and organizations should focus their efforts in 2020 and beyond.

Leveling the Playing Field

The Detroit Hustle

In a city that’s experienced tough economic times, entrepreneurism is blooming.



Three Big Points

Three Big Points is the podcast you need to stay at the top of your game as a business leader. This short podcast presents mold-breaking ideas from leading academics, researchers, and executives who are blazing new trails in today’s continually changing, technology-fueled world. Three Big Points is hosted by MIT SMR’s editor in chief Paul Michelman.

Every Number Tells a Story

No matter how compelling it seems, data alone won’t win people over unless infused with a story.

The Innovative Team


Spark Team Creativity by Embracing Uncertainty

Foster a creative culture by embracing the curious, the uncertain, and the unknown.


The Art of Balancing Autonomy and Control

Three strategies for setting the stage for innovation in your organization.


Unleashing Innovation With Collaboration Platforms

Frontiers |

Effective leadership of virtual teams matters more than which collaboration platform you choose.


Future of Leadership

Research on the ever-changing nature of leadership looks at the evolving mindsets and skills executives need to keep pace with changes in our fast-evolving world. Through a series of regular blogs and a forthcoming report and interactive experience, the research focuses on the specific attitudes and behaviors that distinguish the best leaders.

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