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Measuring Emotions in the Digital Age

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Facial recognition tech can identify and analyze key emotional states — but must be used with care.


A Manifesto for the Middle

We need a new story about what businesses and government can achieve.


Employee Emotions Aren’t Noise — They’re Data

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Emotions provide insight into what motivates people and how to improve performance.


Leadership Mindsets for the New Economy

To bring about culture change, organizations need to rethink the concept of leadership by creating a community of leaders who are dedicated to being customer obsessed purpose-driven, highly networked, and curiosity-driven.

Shaking Up the C-Suite

How Companies Can Prepare for Sudden CEO Turnover

Recent CEO departures have been attention-grabbing but are also part of a larger rising turnover rate for the top job within companies. Chief departures can signal fear and uncertainty within the ranks, and often managers and employees feel a lack of direction for moving forward. To mitigate risk, organizations must take steps to prepare for uncertainty.

How Tech CEOs Are Redefining the Top Job

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About a quarter of high-tech companies are run by CEOs who double as inventors. Through patenting and publishing activity, such leaders contribute their own expertise to their companies’ innovation and production efforts, even as they steer their respective ships. This hands-on approach may sound like a distraction from strategic thinking, but it’s the future for top leaders across many sectors, not just tech — and it is already upon us.


Creating the Symbiotic AI Workforce of the Future

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To effectively implement AI, organizations will need to use human-centered AI processes that motivate and retrain workers, which shifts the focus from automation to collaboration between humans and machines. To test that idea, an experiment was designed to see how human workers might augment an existing AI system and embrace their new roles as AI trainers — resulting in a symbiotic system that enabled humans and AI to each work to their strengths.

Leading a Virtual Team



Three Big Points: A short podcast for busy leaders from MIT SMR.

Three Big Points is the podcast you need to stay at the top of your game as a business leader. This short podcast presents mold-breaking ideas from leading academics, researchers, and executives who are blazing new trails in today’s continually changing, technology-fueled world. Three Big Points is hosted by MIT SMR’s editor in chief Paul Michelman.

Finding the Talent You Need


Solving the Advanced Analytics Talent Problem

To solve the issue of advanced analytics talent concentration, companies need to think creatively.


How Managers Can Best Support a Gig Workforce

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To help contingent workers in the new digital workforce, managers can take three important steps.


New Ways to Gauge Talent and Potential

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Digital tools are making the hiring process easier and more precise — despite their limitations.


Future of Leadership

Research on the ever-changing nature of leadership looks at the evolving mindsets and skills executives need to keep pace with changes in our fast-evolving world. Through a series of regular blogs and a forthcoming report and interactive experience, the research focuses on the specific attitudes and behaviors that distinguish the best leaders.

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