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How Customer Obsession Creates Accountability for Change

Customer-centric companies have better success when it comes to organizational change.


Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?

Managers play a crucial role in boosting employee participation in health-related activities at work.


It’s Time to Make Paternity Leave Work

Longer life spans make it possible for fathers to devote more time to childcare. So why don’t they?


Webinar: Digital Talent Management

Using Digital Tools to Assess Talent

January 11, 2019 | Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Paul Michelman

The workforce is changing, with more and more skilled workers electing to work for themselves or become entrepreneurs. In this environment, organizations must significantly reconsider how they managed talent. As the competition for talent heightens, intuition is no longer adequate to identify and attract — not to mention keep — the best potential employees. In this webinar, ManpowerGroup’s chief talent scientist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic discusses the current workplace dynamic and the innovative methods to solve the talent problem, including new digital tools for talent assessment and retention.

Leading Teams

Quadruple Scull Rowing Team Practicing, Blurred Motion

Get Things Done With Smaller Teams

Frontiers |

By creating smaller, more agile teams, managers can facilitate collaboration and efficiency.


Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

Frontiers |

New research reveals five communication strategies that boost performance in virtual teams.


Why Teams Should Record Individual Expectations

Recording expectations improves decision quality, risk management, and leadership development.


The Ethical Organization


Reconsidering Advice

Think Critically About the Wisdom of Experts

November 26, 2018 | Andrew A. King

Leaders and managers must inevitably consult the analysis, advice, and research of people whose expertise exceeds their own in a variety of domains. Getting the most from that perspective means understanding precisely how to question the experts’ wisdom, no matter what form it takes. Eight specific lessons can help leaders and managers use others’ expertise to the greatest possible advantage in everyday business decisions.

Innovative Leadership

The Art of Balancing Autonomy and Control

The world of hackathons brings the study of balancing high-speed, creative autonomy and administrative control to bear in many interesting ways for managers across different industries.

The New Digital Mandate: Cultivate Dissatisfaction

Employee satisfaction can be a double-edged sword. Satisfied employees produce higher quality-outputs and have less turnover. But satisfaction can inhibit innovation: People who are OK with the current way of doing business are not likely to transform it. They need to be aggravated enough with their current situation that they are willing to take the risks to change it. By sowing the right kinds of dissatisfaction, leaders can drive their organizations to higher levels of innovation and value.


Workplace Communication


When Communication Should Be Formal

Formal communication protocols may seem outdated, but they offer crucial performance advantages.


Your Organization Is a Network of Conversations

Leaders should realize that companies are fundamentally linguistic entities.


What Managers Can Gain From Anonymous Chats

Frontiers |

Anonymous digital dialogues with employees can help managers build trust and increase engagement.



The Best of 2018

The Top MIT SMR Articles of 2018

In 2018, MIT Sloan Management Review readers gravitated toward new articles that will help them prepare for the future of work, including topics as varied as skills needed in the age of AI and digital communication tools for virtual teams. The most popular article of the year focused on an area high on the list of most CEOs’ agendas: how to transform your organization successfully.

10 of Our Favorite MIT SMR Reader Comments This Year

From what “being digital” really means for organizations to how developing strategy can feel akin to finding cadence in jazz, there was no shortage of insightful comments from our readers in 2018.