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Does AI-Flavored Feedback Require a Human Touch?

Companies must choose whether humans or machines should get the last word on employee performance.


Make Gender Equality a Value, Not a Priority

To make gender equality a reality, organizations need to look at values, not priorities.


Leisure Is Our Killer App

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In the race for jobs, the capacity for leisure can give humans a surprising edge.


The False Choice Between Business and Ethics

Should there be an imperative — moral or otherwise — to consider what’s fair when making a business transaction? Many say that it’s perfectly ethical to profit from an asymmetry of information, where, for instance, one party is paying much more for an item or service than others would say it’s worth. But other people are working to integrate the business case with the ethics case. They reject a narrow, transactional view of business in favor of a more relationship-oriented approach.

Leading Digital Companies


How to Choose the Right Digital Leader for Your Company

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The best chief digital officer candidate may not come from outside your company.


Four Profiles of Successful Digital Executives

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There are four distinct types of chief digital officers who successfully lead digital transition.


How Digital Leadership Is(n’t) Different

Leaders need a blend of traditional and new skills to steer their organizations into the future.

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How Digital Leaders Inspire Engagement

An engaged workforce positions a company’s digital initiatives for success.


What Makes a Great Leader?

Why Great Leaders Focus On Mastering Relationships

Mastering personal relationships that build trust and create a collaborative work environment is central to leadership effectiveness. In today’s digital economy, leaders must address leadership challenges with a renewed focus on relationship building in order to achieve sustainable success.

What Sets ‘Superbosses’ Apart From Other Leaders?

In a Q&A, Sydney Finkelstein, the author of Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent, notes that employees entering the workforce today have technological capabilities unmatched by any workforce before them. That’s changing the way leaders must operate. Today’s best leaders embrace technology as a management tool but retain a human touch, creating opportunities for the employees they manage and enabling flexible work practices.


Leading Teams


How to Lead Effective Cross-Functional Teams

Three key steps help make cross-functional digital collaboration a smoother proposition.


Train Your People to Think in Code

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Organizations need algorithmic smarts to excel in the future of work.


Why Teams Should Record Individual Expectations

Recording expectations improves decision quality, risk management, and leadership development.


Improve Your Hiring Decisions


Strategy and Leadership

How to Become a Strategic Leader

May 6, 2019 | Julie Zhuo

For managers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming that simply engaging in high-level product and business discussion is “being strategic.” But with this approach, leaders may be neglecting the core problems their organizations need to address most. By investing more time in three key activities, new and experienced managers alike can become better strategic leaders.

Future of Work

Research on the ever-changing nature of leadership looks at the evolving mindsets and skills executives need to keep pace with changes in our fast-evolving world. Through a series of regular blogs and a forthcoming report and interactive experience, the research focuses on the specific attitudes and behaviors that distinguish the best leaders.

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Dodging Digital Blind Spots

Many leaders lack the skills and mindset to thrive in the digital economy, and mindset gaps create blind spots. It’s difficult to be a great leader when you don’t know what you don’t know.