Fall 1992
Volume 34, Issue # 1


The Factory as a Learning Laboratory

  • Read Time: 51 min 

WHAT IS THE NEXT PRODUCTION FRONTIER? THE AUTHOR ARGUES THAT IT IS OPERATING FACTORIES AS “LEARNING LABORATORIES.” THESE ARE COMPLEX organizational ecosystems that integrate problem solving, internal knowledge, innovation and experimentation, and external information. Chaparral Steel is the model example, and the experiences of its managers and employees are used throughout the article to show how the learning laboratory works.


Information Politics

  • Read Time: 39 min 

“Information is not innocent.”—James March1During the past decade, many firms have concluded that information is one of their most critical business resources and that broadening information access and usage and enhancing its quality are key to improving business performance.


Beyond Business Process Redesign: Redefining Baxter’s Business Network

  • Read Time: 36 min 

In the rush to dramatically compress product development cycle times, improve market responsiveness, and redefine customer-focused operations and service quality, many companies have turned increasingly to redesigning — “reengineering” — operational business processes.


How to Link Strategic Vision to Core Capabilities

  • Read Time: 40 min 

Senior executives commonly ponder such questions as “What might give us continued competitive advantage?” and “What new products should we make or markets should we enter and how?” These questions go to the heart of a firm’s strategic vision — the shared understanding of what the firm should be and