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If You Think Big Data’s Challenges Are Tough Now

By 2020, most new data will be generated not by people but by sensors and embedded, intelligent devices.


Gone Fishing — For Data

When it comes to big data, GE avoids warehousing and instead turns to the data lake approach.


Detecting Bias in Data Analysis

Data analysts may have external agendas that shape how they address a data set — but a savvy manager can identify biases.


The Data & Analytics Initiative

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This Big Idea Initiative is supported by Knowledge Partner SAS Institute Inc., with whom MIT Sloan Management Review is collaborating on the development of research materials connected with analytics and management innovation.

This Data & Analytics Big Idea Initiative supplements the collaborative research content with a range of relevant, independently produced editorial, including MIT SMR original articles, interactive data, blogs, videos and case studies.

The 2014 research report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS, "The Analytics Mandate," builds on insights from a global executive survey with more than 2,000 respondents and interviews with more than thirty executives.

Following are links to research that SAS has developed separate from this collaboration:

Capitalizing on Data Abundance

Data transforms the way many business decisions are made. Business executives today have access to far more data than any previous generation of managers. Information is widely available, and executives want to use it. Here's how they're managing.

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics


MIT SMR’s Annual Reports on Analytics


The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.


From Value to Vision: Reimagining the Possible with Data Analytics

The 2013 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS details the emergence of Analytical Innovators.


Analytics: The Widening Divide

The second annual report by MIT Sloan Management Review and the IBM Institute for Business Value sees a growing divide in analytic sophistication.


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Special Collection: "Developing and Leveraging Your Analytics Assets"

A global survey, top-ranked books and research on offshore analytics providers — all offer in-depth insights for executives seeking analytics transformation. This special collection includes:

Thriving in a Big Data World
By Alden M. Hayashi

Raising the Bar With Analytics
By David Kiron, Pamela Kirk Prentice and Renee Boucher Ferguson

Should You Outsource Analytics?
By David Fogarty and Peter C. Bell

Developing and Leveraging Your Analytics Assets


Free collection of MIT Sloan Management Review articles brought to you by EY.

EY is the Global Insights Sponsor of MIT SMR's upcoming case study program on becoming an analytics-driven organization.

Remaking the U.S. Health Care System

The new MIT Sloan Management Review case study "Preparing Analytics For a Strategic Role" examines the way one health insurer, WellPoint, is trying to bring down costs by using analytics to change its provider payment system.

Here, MIT Center for Information Systems Research's Stephanie Woerner and Boston College's Sam Ransbotham weigh in on WellPoint's efforts.

Data & Analytics

Preparing Analytics for a Strategic Role

The way health care is billed in the U.S. system is part of the reason costs are so high. WellPoint is looking to analytics to play a strategic role in changing that.

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

Blog Posts, Videos, Articles and More

  • Analytical Value From Data That Cries Wolf

    It’s never a good idea to assume your dataset is capturing all the information you need to make good decisions — but there are ways to mitigate uncertainty.

  • Coming Soon: Doctors As Data Analysts

    Kaiser’s John Mattison describes the data-driven healthcare system of the future — and says companies need to get in gear to meet its challenges now.

  • When an IT Project “Goes Red”

    Declaring that a project everyone is excited about is in trouble can be demoralizing. But it’s exactly what can turn things around.

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Raising the Bar With Analytics

Managers have an increasing appetite for analytics, according to a 2013 MIT Sloan Management Review / SAS survey.


The Analytics Mandate

The 2014 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review and SAS finds that an analytics culture offers better outcomes.


How ‘Big Data’ Is Different

How do the insights from big data differ from what managers generate from traditional analytics?


Getting Value From Your Data Scientists

To create real business value, top management must learn how to manage data scientists effectively.