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Be the first to see brand new research on how global companies are managing in a changing world. The newsletter includes links to new articles, interviews, research reports, and issue announcements. Gain access to the best new ideas in management, reviewed, vetted, and narrowed to the essential by our editors.

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Introduction of new technologies is on a faster and faster cycle. Managing Tech will cull the most important new technologies and bring you the guidance you need to plan for incorporation of new tech into your company’s strategy and operations.

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Artificial intelligence and big data are the transformation phenomena of our time. AI, Data & Machine Learning will report on adoption levels of AI, building an AI strategy, and what cognitive technologies will mean for your company and customers.

Future of Work (monthly)

Technologies and demographic trends are changing the nature of work forever. Future of Work will bring you the latest thinking on new methods of performance management, team learning, collaboration tools, and work life-cycles.

Digital Culture & Strategy (monthly)

Whether your company was born digital or has evolved into it, you’re facing issues of culture, strategy, and changing roles driven by a digitized society. Digital Culture & Strategy will bring you ideas and updates on platforms, digital leadership, digital transformation, and ethics.

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