Disruption 2020: A Virtual Symposium

Disruptive innovation is alive and well in the new decade. As illustrated by the brilliant contributors to our special Spring issue, “Disruption 2020,” the threats and opportunities of disruption are both mighty and ever-shifting.

On April 21, 2020, some of the world’s top minds participated in disruptive innovation in a live online event. The speakers presented the ideas from the special issue with a particular eye toward understanding their relevance in these incredible times.

Watch each session below.

Paul Michelman, editor in chief of MIT SMR, welcomes attendees to the virtual Disruption 2020 Symposium.

Michael Putz and Scott Anthony on how leaders delude themselves about disruption.

FOR FURTHER READING: “How Leaders Delude Themselves About Disruption” by Scott D. Anthony and Michael Putz

Michael Horn on education, disrupted.

FOR FURTHER READING: “Education, Disrupted” by Michael Horn

Tucker Marion and Sebastian Fixson on skills the innovation workforce will need.

FOR FURTHER READING: “Four Skills Tomorrow’s Innovation Workforce Will Need” by Tucker J. Marion, Sebastian K. Fixson, and Greg Brown

Joshua Gans on to disrupt or not to disrupt.

FOR FURTHER READING: “To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt?” by Joshua Gans

Amy Webb on the sources of disruption every company should monitor.

FOR FURTHER READING: “The 11 Sources of Disruption Every Company Must Monitor” by Amy Webb

Max Wessel on ethics in technology innovation.

FOR FURTHER READING: “A Crisis of Ethics in Technology Innovation” by Max Wessel and Nicole Helmer

Rita Gunther McGrath on the new disrupters

FOR FURTHER READING: “The New Disrupters” by Rita Gunther McGrath

Karen Dillon and Efosa Ojomo on the prosperity paradox.