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MIT SMR Connections articles, research reports and webinars are developed in collaboration with sponsors who wish to engage with MIT SMR readers on issues of strategy, digital transformation and leadership. Our custom publishing team operates independently of the MIT Sloan Management Review editorial group and includes writers and editors with deep expertise in technology and management practice. We work closely with clients to shape content that is relevant to companies’ messaging priorities and aligned with topics that matter to our audience of business executives.

Below are some examples of what MIT SMR’s custom publishing team can do for you. Our Media Kit details more formats and options; talk to us about how we can tailor a solution that helps you accomplish your marketing goals.

Native Content

Grow your content library, enhance your engagement across multiple platforms, and expand your reach by creating content exclusively for the MIT SMR audience. Native content fits with the MIT SMR brand in terms of look, feel, and voice. We suggest creating content that is focused on the topics that are important to the MIT SMR brand. Our team can provide expert guidance for your content team or work with you to craft the piece on your behalf.

Executive Scholar Exchange

This program provides a unique solution for an organization to work with our team on the development of original content that deepens and intensifies your presence in your specified industry and combines the insights from a leading academic expert. Content is often published in one of MIT SMR’s quarterly magazines and extends to the website to ensure your message reaches the full extent of our readership.

Sponsor’s Viewpoint

This provides an opportunity for clients to take an MIT SMR article(s) and explain how lessons and insights from the article(s) can be applied in your own company. It’s a unique opportunity to be associated with MIT SMR content while showcasing your organization and the importance of your presence in your specified industry. The Viewpoint is packaged with a selected MIT SMR article(s) into a single PDF, which can then be gated by a custom registration page for lead-generation purposes.

Research and Surveys

Our team can develop surveys and analyze results in order to identify unique insights that will resonate with business executives. We can then illustrate the results in a variety of media — custom reports, white papers, infographics — to communicate the findings and position you as a thought leader.

Your Custom Solution

To begin discussing a custom program, please contact our sales team.

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