For Publishers

MIT SMR distributes its premium content via carefully selected partners around the globe. The benefit to the publishers we supply content to is a ready stream of highly curated content that gives leaders and managers actionable ideas and frameworks that help them improve how their companies run. With some partners we also brand the content, joining the two prestigious brands, MIT Sloan Management Review’s and our partner’s, for a powerful statement to readers.

Publishing (and/or translating) a selection of MIT SMR’s articles are a cost-effective way for publishers to provide increased value to their readers.

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For Management Consultants

Advisors to business leaders find that MIT SMR’s concepts, charts, and guidance are great tools for teaching and advising clients. As well as being fantastic resources for consultants working in the field.

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For Organization Knowledge Centers and Libraries

The world of work is changing faster and faster, and it’s not easy keeping up. Continuous learning and upskilling have become the watchwords for companies striving to compete. How to make sure your learners have the skills they need to succeed?

  • MIT SMR is focused on current and near future management challenges: tech implementation and governance, new ways of working, and evolving strategy in a fast-changing world.
  • Readers get ideas and strategies from the top management thinkers in the world, both researchers and business leaders.
  • MIT SMR will give your learners insight into the most critical management issues of today, vetted and curated by our editors, with benchmarks and frameworks to work from.

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For Educators

Share one of the most highly respected and cited management publications in the world with your researchers, students, and scholars. Educators around the globe use MIT SMR to explain and enrich concepts and provide practical frameworks.

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