Summer 1994
Volume 35, Issue # 4

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Creativity in Decision Making with Value-Focused Thinking

  • Read Time: 26 min 

The author feels that decision making should focus on “value-focused thinking” — clearly defining and structuring fundamental values in terms of objectives, and using these to guide and integrate decision making. He explains techniques for creating improved alternatives for decision problems and for identifying better decision opportunities, illustrating these through their application at Conflict Management, Inc.

Strategic Outsourcing

  • Read Time: 40 min 

By strategically outsourcing and emphasizing a company’s core competencies, managers can leverage their firm’s skills and resources for increased competitiveness. The authors suggest ways to determine what those core competencies are and which activities are better performed externally. They assess the relative costs and risks of “making” or “buying” and present methods for containing risks while enjoying the benefits from their dual approach.