Responsible AI / Panelist

Alka Patel


United States

Alka Patel is vice president of government and external affairs for Comcast’s Keystone Region, advancing digital equity through partnerships with city and business leaders and nonprofits. Previously, she led the development and implementation of an enterprisewide responsible AI program as the inaugural chief of RAI for the U.S. Department of Defense Joint AI Center. Patel was named one of 50 top National Security & Foreign Affairs Leaders of 2022 by the Center for Strategic & International Studies/Diversity in National Security Network. She has a Juris Doctor and an MBA from Duquesne University.

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Statement Response
RAI programs effectively address the risks of third-party AI tools. Strongly disagree “Organizational RAI programs are still nascent. Despite recent strides in establishing tools, processes, and oversight, these programs depend on a multitude of factors — including organizational structure, internal policies, RAI expertise, staffing, and resources — all of which are interdependent and at varying levels of maturity. Introducing a third-party AI tool into an organization or its portfolio, however, requires that the RAI program take organizational and technical alignment into account.

Interoperability is a key consideration. Organizations can have tools, processes, documentation, and governance that are intended to address similar issues but function differently operationally. Such factors need to be reconciled to ensure the interoperability of a third party’s RAI program with the receiving organization’s, because the how, what, and why matter.

Sustainability is also key. RAI programs are dynamic due to changing internal and external factors, such as technology advancements, new tools, and regulatory requirements. An organization needs to build in mechanisms that allow it to continue to evaluate, update, and integrate the third-party RAI tool post-procurement.”