Responsible AI / Panelist

Franziska Weindauer



Franziska Weindauer is the CEO of TÜV AI.Lab, a joint venture founded by companies in the certification industry in Germany and beyond. TÜV AI.Lab is paving the way for trustworthy AI by developing conformity criteria and test methods for AI systems. It is also helping to prepare the AI ecosystem for new regulatory requirements, such as the European Union’s AI Act. Previously, Weindauer was a senior adviser on digital policy in the German Federal Chancellery; head of policy at Bitkom, Europe’s largest digital industry association; and an adviser to a member of the European Parliament. She has attended universities in the Netherlands, the U.K., and Turkey and has a background in European studies.

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Statement Response
Organizations are sufficiently expanding risk management capabilities to address AI-related risks. Disagree “My feeling is that most organizations still behave like a rabbit caught in headlights. They know something is coming but are rather paralyzed in their response, as they simply don’t know how to deploy or deal with prevalent AI systems, let alone address their possible risks. The two biggest issues, in my mind, are (a) a lack of knowledge, as well as qualified staff, and (b) missing frameworks and guidelines developed by knowledgeable actors in the field to help them implement a risk management system.”