Strategy Forum / Panelist

Kathryn Shaw

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University

Professor Shaw’s recent work evaluates the importance of bosses in improving the productivity of their subordinates. Shaw has also developed an interest in entrepreneurship, showing that serial entrepreneurs develop intangible capital that they take with them as they move from their first organization to a new, more productive organization. Professor Shaw served as a Senate-confirmed Member of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers and has been an editor of the Journal of Labor Economics.

Voting History

Statement Response
Restrictions on skilled immigration will cause US firms to to shift more operations overseas. Did not answer
Uber has to develop self-driving cars in the next 10 years in order to remain viable. Neither agree nor disagree “I think it will take longer to roll out driverless cars than has been discussed in the press. Consumers of Uber are satisfied with real drivers and some like the personal interaction.”
A trade war will be more disruptive to business than to consumers. Did not answer
Concern over consumer privacy will fundamentally limit businesses’ ability to use big data. Disagree