Responsible AI / Panelist

Rolf Schumann

Schwarz Group


Rolf Schumann is co-CEO of Schwarz Digits, the IT and digital division of the Schwarz Group. Schwarz Digits offers products and services related to cybersecurity, cloud computing, and AI that meet Germany’s stringent data protection standards. He is responsible for the digital activities of Schwarz Group companies, with a focus on e-commerce, loyalty, retail media, and digital innovations. Previously, Schumann was global general manager of SAP’s Platform and Innovation division and was the company’s CTO for Europe. Before joining SAP in 2000, he spent nine years at Siemens, where he was responsible for data center operations in Europe and for internet architecture planning. Schumann also founded Better Place, a company focused on electromobility.

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Organizations are sufficiently expanding risk management capabilities to address AI-related risks. Disagree “Most companies do not yet understand the complexity and impact behind “using” AI, especially in regard to data privacy and protection. In addition, its impact on human beings as well as society is not fully reflected.”