Responsible AI / Panelist

Ryan Carrier


United States

Ryan Carrier founded ForHumanity after a 25 year career in finance. He launched the nonprofit organization with the goal of using the independent audit of corporate AI systems as a means of mitigating the risk associated with artificial intelligence. As ForHumanity’s executive director and board chair, he is responsible for the of the organization’s day-to-day operations and the overall process of independent auditing. Previously, he owned and operated Nautical Capital, a quantitative hedge fund that used AI algorithms. Before that, he was director of Macquarie Bank’s Investor Products business and was vice president of Standard & Poor’s Index Services business. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan.

Voting History

Statement Response
Organizations are sufficiently expanding risk management capabilities to address AI-related risks. Disagree “The tech industry has not established risk management by design and has a 40-plus-year history to overcome. It is the only major economic sector that remains largely unregulated. As a result, we see little governance, oversight, and accountability in the sector. Individual players pay lip service to the idea of risk management and safety, and they actively operate to subvert measures such as policy and standards (areas where they can do so quietly). Overtly, large tech players have fired entire teams associated with risk management and responsible AI. Lastly, there is a complete unwillingness to engage with civil society and external programs of governance, oversight, and accountability. These organizations determine their own “responsible AI practice,” eschewing global best practices. There is a failure to include diverse input and multi-stakeholder feedback in the risk management process, and the result is limited perspectives on risk identification and a failure to disclose residual risk. Until society sees public disclosures of residual risk associated with AI tools, we will know that companies are not taking risk seriously, because they are making limited efforts to protect against liability.”