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Tom Mooney


United States

Tom Mooney is the global head of government affairs and geopolitics at Harman, an automotive technology and connected-audio company that is part of Samsung Electronics. He oversees full-spectrum corporate government affairs and geopolitical initiatives affecting Harman’s business interests and serves as the primary interface between Harman and Samsung on related matters. Before joining Harman, Mooney served a diverse array of government and commercial clients as a technology leader with Booz Allen Hamilton. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment as an enlisted infantryman with numerous combat deployments in support of U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.

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Statement Response
Organizations are sufficiently expanding risk management capabilities to address AI-related risks. Neither agree nor disagree “Innovation always outpaces governance, but in the face of mounting regulatory, market, and social pressures, organizations are certainly paying attention to the risk environment and climate around AI. If they weren’t considering AI in their risk profiles before, they are now. Will their efforts be “sufficient”? Hard to say. There are many factors feeding into a company’s exposure profile that determine what is effective or sufficient. Will their efforts be compliant? Probably. More importantly, though, organizations need an AI risk management framework to avoid hype-cycle-driven decision-making extremes that create systemic shocks — in other words, an investment-paused-indefinitely Tyler Perry Studios/Sora-threat moment, or leadership overestimating and overinvesting in a belief that a simple AI injection melts away inefficiencies like an SG&A [selling, general, and administrative expenses] Ozempic.”