Free Webinar: IoT and Product Design

How companies can organize to accommodate the new age of product design.

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Products connected to the Internet of Things are providing unprecedented levels of information that can be used to improve both products and customer experience. For instance, a company does not have to wait until a customer calls with a complaint to know that a product connected to the Internet of Things is not working correctly. Instead, the product could already communicate the information, giving the company the ability to provide proactive service. Result: more loyal customers.

In the new era of IoT, product design becomes an entirely different process, incorporating not only product features, but also customers and the context in which they are using the product. In a free, live webinar on April 15, speakers Suketu Gandhi and Eric Gervet, authors of the MIT SMR article, “Now That Your Products Can Talk, What Will They Tell You?” discuss how companies can organize to accommodate this new age of product design. They will use examples from Amazon and John Deere to illustrate how companies are monetizing IoT, and they’ll show how companies can change the genetics of the enterprise to adapt to a vastly accelerated development process.

Watch the webinar recording, on demand.

The webinarcovers:

  • Which new skill sets are needed for the new era, and how to integrate them.
  • How your company can become a “gazellephant” in product design (with the speed of a gazelle and power of an elephant).
  • How to best incorporate feedback from the customer context into product iterations.


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