Most Popular Articles and Blog Posts – August 2011

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Articles from MIT Sloan Management Review:

  1. Why Every Project Needs a Brand (and How to Create One)
  2. How to Lead During a Crisis: Lessons From the Rescue of the Chilean Miners
  3. How Pfizer Uses Tablet PCs and Click-Stream Data to Track Its Strategy
  4. The Business Models Investors Prefer
  5. Why CRM Fails — and How to Fix It

Posts from our blog, Improvisations:

  1. Facebook’s Bet: “Wisdom of Friends” Will Beat Out “Wisdom of Crowds”
  2. Tim Harford on Trial, Error and Our “God Complex”
  3. Clever eBay Packing Boxes Encourage Reuse
  4. The Project Leader’s Branding Tool Kit (5 Point Chart)

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